June 17, 2006 much needed day off!!!

Alright now for my update to YESTERDAY (june 16th), well like I said before I took the day off because i had a dr. appointment. Funny thing is I put in the request 2 weeks ago and put a notice on my Supervisor's desk to sign and he had yet to give it back to me. So OH WELL!!! I guess he figured it out yesterday I wasn't coming in especially since I also put the notice in our special computer program at work to alert him of this 2 WEEKS AGOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Maybe he honestly forgot or was just being an ass. Don't know, don't care. Ok well anyways I go to my dr appointment, that lasted all around 1 hour. Then went to the West County Mall and had my potrait drawn but the excellent artist that has his own shop there. Did some shopping for some new lingerie (eyebrows rising a tad bit...lolol). Among some other things as well. Then I went to Northwest Plaza for a lil while to shop and had to make a quick stop by 24 Hour Fitness because of a lil issue but it was soon cleared up.

Then I went home chilled out for a while and then my mom reminded me that my Aunt C. had called about an issue with her phone. I gave her call and met her at her house to check out her cell phone. To make a long story short, I think she needs a new phone. I informed her of what the Customer service rep for her cell phone company told me. Which was pretty much the SAME thing that was told to her. So she is going to go up to a store do as the Customer Service representive suggested and then we will go from there to take the next steps in to her getting a new phone.

Fastforward I'm leaving my Aunt's house and get a call from Trenton to stop by his partner's house by North Hanley Station. He needed something and told him I would get it for him later since I was running behind from picking up Danielle from job #2 so we could go get some dinner. I pick up Danielle and we go to LONGHORN for some dinner. I drop her off and i head home. Kamina gives me a holla and gives me an update on a situation that was going on with her some dude that Danielle and myself know.

I then took my black ass to bed. the end;)
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