June 20, 2006

When you think you work with a STALKER.........

Well today at job #2 was the last day for the Operations Manager. She was a given a promotion to be a Sales Manager for another store. Well apparently last week she received some roses from a secret admirer. She assumed they were from someone else and kept teasing them and giving that certain person a hard time. Well that particular let her know that they didn't come from her and of course the Operations Manager was still trying to pin the flowers are this certain person.

Well apparently on Sunday, June 18th, Danielle informs me that she wants to get the Operations manager a cake for her. I orginially had plans to go the gym, but she asked me to take her and I obliged. So after going to Baskin Robbins St. Charles Rock Rd, we find out that she wants a COOKIE CAKE not a COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM CAKE. So then we go to Penn Station next door and have dinner. We then continue our search for the elusive cookie cake at Shop n'Save of St. Charles Rock Rd. No luck in that so we stop off at the Schnucks at HWY I-170 and Page. TADA!!! We find the freakin cake and get it all pretty and shit.

Well Danielle informs me that she found out who bought the Operation manager those roses. Why oh WHY is he the newest addition to MY department. i thought he was kinda on the weird side when i first met him. But it's pretty much been confirmed since Kamina met him as well as what Danielle says also. Now Danielle also informs me that she thinks he has been tailing the Ops Manager home from time to time and it's getting to the point that it's starting to freak her out.

Hell one time she came home to a note on her DOOR!!!! HELLOOO can we say stalker??? Oh I haven't gotten to the good part yet, why did she tell another supervisor (NOT DANIELLE) who then TOLD DANIELLE that ole boy has made up a website? DEDICATED TO HER!!!! Now here is the clincher.....Danielle informed me of the website today and of course it is there, problem is that it is protected by a RIDDLE.

I have been trying all day to crack this riddle and we still are coming up short on this fiasco. So this is what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna put up the link the website and the riddle so if anyone else figures it out will you please let a sista know? Thanks SO MUCH!!

(I've adjusted this post)
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