June 14, 2006

update to hell #1

Well ya girl got to work this mornin about 5am. Kinda proud of myself that I even got up that early especially since I was out till 1am. So I get on some jogging pants, husband beata, and my sneakas. I put my work clothes in a duffle bag and head out to the job. I get into the building and proceed to clean out my workspace cubicle. I wanted to do it now because I was gonna be dammned if I was gonna give them the pleasure of escorting me out with boxes in my hands. So I put all my stuff into 2 boxes and put them in my backseat.

I then went and got my duffle bag and went into the mini-gym on the main floor and changed my clothes. Once I went back to my car, I took the USB drives up to the 5th floor with me and proceeded to copy my personal information onto them and delete them from my cpu. Any business work I had done myself, I deleted from my cpu. I then proceeded to write a letter to Eric and Penny pretty much putting them on front street as far as my feelings for them both and others in the department, not to mention my badge was also inside of the envelope. So I pretty much was ready for any meeting by 6:50 A.M.

Well of course I don't need to describe to you the scenario of work. It pretty much was the same. Everyone avoided me, I didn't give a fuck. Yet I'm mad I packed my damn earphones away. So I had to listen to my music thru my cpu, but I could barely hear anything. So the hours are going by and I'm just doing work to pass the time. I finally get called into Eric's office around 3:10pm.

I sit down in a chair and already seated is a lady from HR. Not the usual lady Ms. Pingel, but someone else instead. I shook her hand and then the proceed to inform that I'm on a final written warning. Have you ever gotten that feeling that you wish you had something in your hands like a pair of plyers so you could just "rip" something off of the person in front of you? Not to mention I get those times I wish I knew what car he drives so I could oh I don't know....(use your imaginaiton. YEA I had that episode today. They inform me of their reasons for the final warning.

Eric tries to act like a bad ass and I'm looking at him like you "punk ass bitch". The HR lady was trying to make the situation go over smoothly and I guess she could feel the tension coming off of me, because she looked like she wanted to pat my knee and she asked me if I was okay or had any questions. I just shook my head no. It's a good thing she was in there as a buffer because I really wanted to gouge out Eric's beady lil ass eyes. He then INFORMS me that I can take the paper home, read over it and write a rebuttal to it, IF I had one. He has no idea.

So I leave his office and go sit back down at my desk. All these thoughts are running through my head and I just was SOOOOOOOOOO close to saying fuck this job it's not worth it, and in reality it is not. Yet I have to keep a clear head so I can deal with this issue. After speaking with my mom and updating her on what's going on, I've decided to use up the rest of my PTO, to take a long overdue vacation and do some job hunting. I'm also seriously considering filing a complaint with the EEOCC (or whatever the hell they are) and possibly the NAACP.

I had emailed Kamina's mom earlier to ask for some good job leads and she informed me of a few. I OF COURSE had to keep my girls (mina and danielle) up todate about this nightmarish Soap Opera. Danielle, being one of my best friends and also my Supervisor at job #2, let me know that if I need to build up some hours there while looking she would have my back. For that I'm so grateful as well as having friends that understand and always have a shoulder to lean on.

So now I'm at job #2, still THINKIN about job #1, and trying to figure out how the hell do I get away from it, without killing someone. But if I HAD too, at least not leave a trace.
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