June 17, 2006

Oh what a web is weaved.....

I'm sorry not have kept you up to date on things at job #1. So let me start off with Thursday, June 15th.

Early Thursday morning, I awoke at 5am to go down to the Dining Room to type up my rebuttal to the FINAL WARNING NOTICE I was given the day before. It was a page long and pretty much explained my views on the situation what I disagree with. Oh especially my LAST paragraph was not too pretty.

Well I arrived at 6:55am and clocked on at 6:59am. I got myself situated at my desk and then put the notice as well as my rebuttal on Eric's desk, since I was the first one in the department to arrive.

Everyone else arrives in between 7:15am to 8am. I look at my desk and just shake my head and smile. It is STILL bare from yesterday's morning pack up and I have no intention of bringing my personal items back. Only things I will bring with me every morning from now on, will be my headphones, USB DRIVES with my songs on them and books to read.

I am still going to look for a new job, the sooner the better. Main issue is location, I still want to be able to get to job #2 within less than 5 minutes. Not to mention hopefully can keep the same hours as I have at job #1.

Oh well, anyway back to what happened. Well of course everyone was still acting the same and now I'm in a mindset that I'm just there to do my work at that is just it. Around 2pm or something like that, my Supervisor brings me a copy of the notice as well as my rebuttal. I'm polite and say thank you and file it away. He doesn't make eye contact with me he just slowly slinks back into his office.

3:30pm finally comes around and I clock out. I am already packed to go and I take my ass home. I showed the Notice and my Rebuttal to my mom. She kinda raised her eyebrows on the last paragraph of my rebuttal. I told her I didn't care and that was how I felt. Normally I am the consumate professional but they really got under my skin.

All I have to say is that I'm thankful that I took off the next day (Friday, June 16th) because Lord knows I needed the break from that place.
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