June 6, 2006

Shady as hell at the Prison....aka THE JOB

Well if you read the previous post, you will notice the one paragraph in bold. Where I stated my supervisor is a dick....less, spine......less, trout. Most of the time he is in his office which is where I prefer he stays. I was working on my previous post while I was doing my work and listening to my music. He comes over to my desk and asks how the referrals were going. I was in the middle of working on one, but still had my previous post which i was working on in Word was still up. I clicked off the document and brought back up my referral area.

As I was explaining about the referral, he asks what I was working on before. I told him it was a personal document. He INFORMS ME "That it doesn't need to be worked on here, and that I should only be working on the referrals." Trust me the way he said it, If I could have had a bat, I would have wacked that smart ass look off his face. So in my opinion, that means one out 3 things happened or least a MIXTURE of them.

1. a coworker that works behind me must have said something to our Supervisor. She is pretty much his lapdog whenever anything needs to be done.

2. another coworker, came over to Debbie desk, since Debbie went home early, for some paperwork which happens to be facing opposite of me, since the way the cubicles are lined up back to back, noticed the document BUT I don't think I was working on it at the time she came over so that one is up in the air.


3. The Sup., finally learned how to use some of that damn Watchdog software on his cpu.

You see I don't care for him really. If anything I think we have somewhat of a mutual understanding that we 'tolerate' one another. I had tried in the past to be nice to him, but I've come to the conclusion that he is just as two-faced as some of the other co-workers that work at my job if not as worse. My opinion of him has never really changed since the incidient concerning 2 former employees last December. The way he handled the situation was highly unfair and I have never forgotten about it. Not to mention my "surprise" drug test that happened a day later after 2nd employee was let go.

He has his "favorites" out of his group which consists of about 20 professionals and 8 assistants. I of course being one of the assistants. Anyway after I was given the CURT instructions from my Sup. I of course was a bit pissed but I wasn't gonna let his sorry ass see it. So I did my work with my headphones like usual and kept to myself. Now you know what was REALLY interesting to me? You know how you have that 6th sense that something is going on, and you KNOW something is going on, the people around you know something happened and they just keep their distance from ya? Well yep, that sure did happen today. It was kind of funny though, certain people would look at me funny or just pass me up and not say anything like they normally do. Such a damn shame and they think they are being clever about the shit.

The hint that really put the nail in the coffin was when a coworker of mine came around the corner and we were chitchattin for a bit, and then she made the unusual comment "Let me get going so I don't disturb ya work and get you in trouble" OH YEA if that isn't a big HUGE RED BLINKING SIGN I don't know what is. I'm at the point that this job can just kiss my ass. It really sickens me to see so many people trying to kiss up to my Supervisor and for what? I'm not gonna apologize because I sure don't see the point. Some of my coworker's I swear carry Carmex in their back pockets so they can pucker up to him and do his bidding. I'm not one of them and I'll be damn if I'm gonna start.

Another thing that irks me about the whole situation is that to me personally I think he went around to some of the coworkers, a few in particular and told them how apparently he "put me in check". lol Only if his dumb ass really knew the score. He is so pathetic, thinking he needs to validate himself to everyone as being somebody he obviously isn't. I so detest him. Today all I could think about was ripping off his head and shitting down his throat. Or better yet just pushing him out of the 5th floor window and watch him go splat onto the sidewalk or maybe hit goose waddling across the street.

I was so pissed I didn't have breakfast OR lunch. I just worked until 5:50pm and then went to Barnes Hospital to meet up with a friend to go play some racquetball. It did help relieve some of the stress since I pretended the ball was his head along with some other coworkers. Afterwards I went home, told my mom about the shit that went down at the job. I told her if that crap there doesn't motivate me to get back into school and finish up I don't know what will. Right now I'm there for a check and benefits and THAT's IT. Fuck team work, I deal on my just fine.

Oh well can't wait to see what drama is instored for me tomorrow. Thank GOD for headphones that allI have to say about that. Not to mention I have to deal with job #2. Whoopie fuckin doo!!! Good night folks, my black ass has left the building. Come back for another show;)
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