June 3, 2006

You ever have those days that you just wanna strangle something or someone?

Well I do!!!! Today I'm at work, just chillin and minding my own business. I arrived at work at 2pm with the knowledge that there was a certain Ebay auction that I had my eye on. I knew the time it was going to end so i was going to take my break around 5pm so I would have enough time to bid on it thru my cell phone. Well I get caught up with a customer at job #2 who wants to buy a range, fridge, and deep freezer. We set everything up and then her debit card declines. so she decides to write a check...............well THAT didn't work either. So then she decides she only wants the fridge, well when I get to ringing it out she then decides she only wants the range. By this time my alert on my phone has gone off and I'm lookin at her like bitch if you don't make up your mind.

So then she eventually gets the range and that transaction goes thru and tells me she will be back with cash to pay for the rest. Well I immediately go to the break room and pull up the auction, it has 35 seconds left, needless to say I missed the auction and I"m cussing up a storm. I just kept thinking if that dumb ass had known how much money was in her account to begin with she wouldn't have been wasting my time. So now I won't be able to get the cute cowgirl boots I had my eye on.

You know what? they came back as I was just starting to write this blog entry so of course I had to save it to continue. So now I have to hope and pray that I will see the same boots again eventually, but I just want to strangle that bitch so BADDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well on another note, Kamina is back in town from a wedding and her lil sis, Kim had her graduation party YEA!!!! Might go over Danielle's, she called me and told me she had this funny ass porno that she swiped from her brother. She had watched it the other night and was laughing so hard that she was crying. Said something bout how middle age folks should learn about a thing called Viagra. lolol

Oh well hope your Saturday is better than mine;) I'm STILL gonna try to find those boots. My dad's birthday is next week and still don't know what to get him. Oh well and Kyle over here is questioning why do I like to write in my journal he just called me "fuckin weird". God I'm gonna miss him;(
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