June 29, 2006

Hey world how ya livin?

Well I hope all is well with you. I'm doing okay. Beside the JAIL-BIRD skit, I'm doing alright. As you will remember from the previous blog, my past friday was phucked up. I called my friend who I was suppose to go out with that day and we rescheduled our "together time" and saw the movie CLICK with Adam Sandler. Not to mention I also was able to meet his daughter who is just SO beautiful and made in his image.

Also this week we spent some time at the Duck Pond by my house and just chilled from 4pm to about 12 or 1am. Yep I know, ALOTTA quality time. But we pretty much talked and caught up on each other's lives, more his than mine. I must say he had some fascinating stories to tell.

Yesterday we were suppose to hook up for a movie but we weren't able to hook up. Not to mention someone apparently forgot to tell me that the FREAKIN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WAS IN TOWN!!!!!!! So needless to say I was a bit pissed because damn near every highway I needed to use was shut down because of that geek. HELLOOOOO do you NOT remember that gas is high? Could you NOT have taken a helicopter to Clayton, THANX A BUNCH!!!!!!

Well I got off of work at 4pm, now normally it takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get home. It took me over an HOUR!!! yesterday..... Oh and did I mention I had to be back out past my job to go to a seminar for my OTHER JOB!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of myself because I was this close to saying PHUCK the seminar and keepin my black ass home, especially when I drove over the overpass on highway 70, because they now had blocked off the opposite direction becuase of George Dubbya.....

Anyway I'm on lunch break and about to get off from this hell hole and get myself mentally ready for H.H. #2. Also it looks like it's about to rain. So have a good day. bye-bye now.
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