July 1, 2006

An apology that is overdue;)

Hello to all!!! This is ya girl msjazz79 aka ladyja79 the chin-checka with a groundbreaking announcement. Yes I said it GROUNDBREAKING, maybe not in your world but most definitely in mine.

I am going on record to give an apology to someone that I wrote about on my blog. If you will recall a few posts down there is one called WHEN YOU THINK YOU WORK WITH A STALKER. Well remember I told you that the person in question, Anthony was supposedly stalking a young lady by the name of Amanda? Well he cleared the air and set the whole thing straight. He talked with Danielle and informed her that he was not stalking her but in fact they had met 2 months PRIOR (for you folks who don't care for dictionaries the word means, BEFORE) to him even being hired on to my job #2.

We at the job knew that Amanda had a reputation for being somewhat of a flirt but it really shows how bad she is. Do you know she told this man that she was LOOKING FOR A HUSBAND? Even reinterated the fact at HIS work orientation. So he knew that she was talking to him specifically. Why in the hell would you bring that up let alone at a WORK ORIENTATION?

So then he explained with the roses incident that SHE KNEW that he had sent them to her because she CALLED HIM TO THANK HIM FOR THE ROSES!!!! Yet apparently told him that she couldn't date him because he was with the company. WHAT THE PHUCK?????? Now remember in my previous post she is complaining to Danielle abou the situation and she is ACTING uncomfortable. Oh and not to mention she is talking to Danielle about the situation over the phone, but in front of her Ex-boyfriend!!!( they were due to be married but that is a WHOLE NOTHER STORY). Point blank she played Danielle and Anthony.

Now this is the clincher. Since her new promotion she has been trying to be all buddy, buddy with Danielle's housemate who happens to work at the same store that she was promoted to. Point blank she askin too many questions about Danielle and puttin her nose in other people's business when she needs to worry about her own.

What still really is annoying to me about her is one of the last conversations she had with Danielle back in our department before she left. She called Danielle a Jezebel (<-----click on the link). The definition pretty much stated that is was a woman who is of an unpure heart with selfish intentions. Well as far as I know the only person that fits that catagory IS Amanda.

Word of advise Amanda,

Keep your nose in you OWN business,
Stop being fake and pretending to be nice.
For the questions you ask TODAY,
will lead to the FUTURE of your own demise.

For Anthony,

Obviously you are a good man with a good heart. That had good intentions but unfortunately they were caught up in lies and deceit from another person. There are plenty of good woman out there, the trick is to make sure you don't get caught up with any of the WEEDS that happen to be entangled with some of the True Roses that are in the garden.
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