July 15, 2006

What's up Lil Man?

Good morning to all;)I hope you were able to endure the crazy heat from yesterday. For me it wasn't hard at all especially since on my floor it's normally cold as hell. Well my morning started out the norm. Went to work, but since yesterday was Friday it was relaxed clothes day at work. So I wore some jeans, nice shoes, and a pretty top. With one of my new belts that came in on Thursday from Torrid.

We had a pot luck at work, but I didn't participate. I just had a big breakfast and I was okay for the rest of the day. So pretty much I went thru my day working and getting caught up with previous work. I pretty much had a good day chatting up with other co-workers except for one. The one that normal is the "Anal Retentive One" in the group. I just try to ignore her when I can, because i still wonder if I pushed her out of a window, would she be able to fly?????

Thru out the day I'm text messaging my friend Carlos to see if he wanted to go to the movies. I know we hadn't seen each other in a while and kicked it so I checked with him to see if he was still free for the evening so we could hook up at The Mills and go see a movie. We confirmed on a movie, Lil Man (Oh boy). Well fast forward to 3:30pm, my day is thru. My desk is cleaned up, I'm packed, just got paid, I've clocked out and I'm getting the hell out.

I decided to just go to The Mills and look around for a while before Carlos shows up. So I just walk around and chill out at the bookstore there. He informs me he is on his way, at this time it's around 8pm. We meetup and go inside to get ourselves settled for the movie. Overall it was silly as hell, but I never laughed so hard in my LIFE!!!!!! At least as far as I recall. So if you wanna see a funny movie that has a dumb ass plot, this is your movie.

Afterwards, Carlos took me to my car since I parked my car all the way down by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We talked for a fwe minutes, I thanked him for the movie and we parted ways. We both are headed home and I was about to merge onto highway 270 going towards Illinois, but the traffic was so backed up I was able to make it to the Missouri Bottom Rd. Yet unfortunately Carlos wasn't so lucky. I wonder what time he got home. I eventually got home just taking all side streets because apparently all the highways had traffic jams.

I finally get home around 10:40pm, I unwind for a bit and then head on to bed.

Today (Saturday), I have a bridal shower for one of my best friends. So I will enjoy a rare Saturday which I don't have to work at job #2. So I hope you all enjoy yourselves. Take care;0 Oh and try to stay cool, will ya?
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