July 10, 2006

If women can have breast reductions then men should be able to have penis enlargments;)

What's up my people. Sorry it's been a minute. Well yesterday I had work from 3:15pm till 8:20pm. Finally got out of hell hole #2 and met up with my girls, , Mina and Danielle. We met up at Red Lobsters in Brentwood, you know by Eager Road. Had some din-din and just relaxed and talked some. Oh on Saturday I had work also but nothing spectacular happened then either.

Yet today and this evening was a bit interesting. Today I went to work in a new skirt that I bought from Torrid. A black pencil skirt very comfortable and stretchy fabric. Wore a purple top along with a interesting bronze belt. Pulled it all together with some tan kitten heel shoes and my gold jewelry, oh and can't forget the gold Cazal eyewear.

My hair is done from Friday which took around 4 hours to get done. Oh in fact since I'm remembering Friday right now, let me give a quick recap. Had work from 7am till 3:30pm, made it to the hair salon 4:15pm, got out of the hair salon 8:15pm, then went to the mall to make a payment, looked around Bath and Body works for quick second and I'm talkin to Mina on the phone for a while as I'm looking thru for some stuff to buy. Finally get some stuff and then get to Harrah Casino to meet up with the some FRIENDS to just chill and kick it. Kamina comes up there around 10pm and we all are just sitting around and enjoying ourselves. Kamina and I decided to duck out early and catch a drink. WE get to Dave and Busters and before we get in we change our minds. So I head home while she goes out and kicks it. Yet we both didn't realize that a concert was going on at the damn UMB BANK PAVILLION so traffic to say the least was a nightmare. It was pretty intense that I cuzzed out a cop, and he looked at me and did a double take. Yep I didn't want a repeat of jail so i high tailed it out there. hahah


Well I get home around 4:20pm from hell hole #1, I get home and unwind with a nap and a movie. i get up around 7pm, get some dinner and then go to my room to watch this show that I'm becoming SLOWLY addicted to, TREASURE HUNTERS on NBC. My friend Lee from Tennessee, gives me a call and we chit chat for a while. He brings up an interesting subject that I wish I had heard on the radio today, on the Micheal Baisden show.

The subject of the show was if you were able to have a certain procedure on the LOVE BELOW would you do it. For example the women could have their vaginal walls "tightened up" and the men could add a couple of inches to their "pickler tickler". In fact there was a surgeon on his show talking about the procedure is performed. So Lee and I get to talking and he asked me if I would get it done. I told him I wouldn't have to worry about it since i hadn't had any in such a long period of time anyway.

Then we get to talking about our different interests regarding sex. Must say it was an interesting convo!!! Always nice to have a stimulating convo hahahaha. Yet it isnt any different than any convo that I have with any good friend. So now I'm just chillin in my room on my laptop writing this post and trying to find a good movie. Oh well ya'll have good night...... ya hear??

Oh and by the way I'm going to see if I can get a transcript of this conversation, this is just too fascinating to ignore;) lol


These are sites that actually talk about the procedure for women. Let me tell you something this shit is NOT CHEAP, you are lookin into at LEAST $4,000 for the procedure and the price only goes higher. Let me give some words of wisdom ladies. If ya shit is that damn flabby to the point you could probably hear an echo. Let me advice you of this....... STOP PHUCKIN ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!!!!!! It might not be too late for it to retain it's own shape after a period of time instead of Rand McNally coming thru knockin on ya door asking if they can map ya shit out for you so that the next person that comes thru doesn't get lost or worse SLIP IN!!!! Remember baby Jessica? That little girl that fell down the well and it was on national tv? Don't let that happen to you!!!!
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