July 18, 2006

Hot as HELL!!!!!!!!1

Wasup my peoples!!!!! Hope all is well and you are staying cool in the shade and not caught up in the GOD FORSAKEN HEAT!!!!!!!!!!! Ya girl is doing the best she can considering her options.

Option #1. Go to Hell hole 1 and pray the air conditioner is on full blast, which is was NOT today.

Option #2. Whenever I have to go to Hell hole 2 hope nobody has stolen the fan from our department

Option #3. Stay home and turn on the AC FULL BLAST and strip to the bare essentials and lay across my king size bed.

Of course IF I had it my way, Option 3 would always win out.;)

Well to bring u up todate so far for this week. Sunday was okay, pretty much dead as hell at the job #2. So Danielle and I go to Applebee's and have some dinner. I take her home and I take my ass to bed.

Monday was bit more hectic. I had to go to David's Bridal and pick up my dress after work and oh did I already tell you that it is hot as hell in the Lou? Well then let me remind you.................IT IS HOT HAS HELL HERE!!!!!!!!!! okay back to my story. So I'm driving highway 270 towards SUNSET HILLS which is off of HIGHWAY 44. I get there get my dress and get caught up in some traffic from hell. Trying to get back home my normal 30 min trip turned into over an hour and a half. Then I get home and take a lil break. I then I go up to the job later on that evening to get some FIREWALL software because it looked like our cpu had been under attack. Not to mention the AOL software was buggin UP!!!! So I put new AOL software and FIREWALL software on there and it looks like we are back in business.

Well today is Tuesday, and I'm about to clock out and go home. I have to go get my bridesmaid dress and go to my speciality bra shop to be fitted for a special type of bra since this dress is a halter top style dress. OH BOY!!!! The puppies WILL be sittin up!!! ARGGGG What women do....... Oh well. Hope you have a good day. Also before I forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure what the solid plans are for tonight IF there are solid plans yet when the gang get together and celebrate. Oh well I holla. THE LADY HAS SPOKEN......PEACE
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