July 18, 2006

update: To that pefect bra in the sky

Well to give you a quick update on my evening, I went home picked up my mom and my bridesmaid dress. We went to Ann's Bra Shop and to find a Corset Bra, since the style of dress that I'm wearing for the wedding calls for it on this fine occasion. So I go in and get measured by the lady who normally fits me. I told her I had been losing weight and she states that she noticed (YEA!) I had gone down some, but since I was going to be having my puppies propped up like they were going to be inspected at the Westminster Kennel Club, I would have to go with a special bra to make sure I stayed in place at ALL times. So I complied of course and tried on the bra that she suggested. It was a lil bit tight, but boy I like how I was sittin up though, plus more than likely since the wedding is not till Sept. 30, so I will have more than enough time to slim down a tad bit more. Also for some strange reason I wish I had a riding crop.....LOLOLOL.

Then the dreaded part came....trying on the dress with the bra, I knew it was going to be somewhat of a disaster, because the lady that ordered the dress INSISTED I order 3 sizes UP to accomidate for my chest size WHOA big mistake, pretty much the whole dress is going to have to be redone, so I will be contacting my seamstress to inform her of my dilema. Even the lady that was helping me told me that the way the dress was made it was going to be a challenge. To me the big issue is that David's Bridal and for that much ANY PLACE that deals in the wedding business needs to realize that the female form comes in more that just "wafer thin size" Even though they say they have a PLUS size options, that might not necessarily be the case. What happens if you have a big chest??? What happens then??? With this dress it was still acting as though I had a "B Cup" chest, UH-UH. So pray for me, we'll see how this goes.

*Note* Oh and just to let you know, the dress in the picture IS the one I will be wearing in the wedding, do u see the problem?
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