July 2, 2006

Karma is such a cool thing.....when it happens to you in a good way

Well yesterday was Saturday. NOthin new there. Ya girl had work at gig #2. SUPPOSE to be there by 5pm but of course I didn't get there till 5:15pm. So I get there and relieve Danielle who leaves early to cut O.T. Well fast forward to closing time. A friend of mine has a cell phone and his pre-pay minutes were out so I decided to buy some and went online at one of the job's computer terminals and go online and boost back up his phone. I called his phone just to make sure they were on there and BAM it was back in business. So I left him a message lettin him know he was juiced up and then changed my clothes. I must say the outfit I had on was BANGING:)

I decided to go to Applebee's off of St. Charles Rock Rd. and just chillout, enjoy some late dinner, read some of my book and just ZEN the phuck out. Now we fastforward to me getting to Applebee's, I get out of my car and check myself to make sure everything is in place, have my keys and my book. Well as I'm checkin out my purse outside on my trunk, this red Dodge Suv pulls up about 4 car parking spaces down. 3 guys get out and I would say that 2 of the 3 were cute, but the one that got my attention was just outright handsome;)

I was still lookin in my purse for something when he asks me how I'm doin. I said I'm doin fine and he asks if I'm leaving or just getting there. I tell him I've just arrived. He then proceeds to go in with his friends but then stops and turns around and says, "damn u sexy as hell." I just smile back and say "thank you."

I finally find what I'm lookin for in my purse and get ready to go into the resturant. As I go in I notice the 3 guys have a table right by the bar. The gentleman that I had made small convo with outside asked me if I was waiting for anyone and I told him no. He then asks if I would care to join them at their table. I said yes and he pulled out a seat for me next to him. He introduced himself and his 2 friends.

He informs me that he is from out of town, Virginia, to be more precise. He is in town with his friends for a softball event. I asked him how it went and he states not so good;) We talk some more while we wait for our food to be brought out to us. He was really interesting and he was really impressed with me when he found out what kinds of hobbies and interests that I have.

So as our night comes to a close at Applebee's the bill comes and they told me that they would treat me this evening and enjoyed my company. I told them thank you for picking up my tab, and we all walked outside. I said goodbye to his friends and I gave the gentleman that I was mainly talking to a hug. Told him thank you again for the dinner and the conversation. Plus, I hope he made it back safe to Virginia when he leaves Monday morning.

He was so nice and it was really funny at the end of the night when we exchanged our ages. He couldn't believe I was just 27 years old because of how mature I was and I was shocked he was 35 years old because he just looked younger to me. Yet overall I had a damn good night;)

I couldn't help but think, WOW I wonder if this is what good karma feels like. Since I helped a friend out I received it back twice fold with a nice night meeting new people and being treated to meal as well.
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