July 24, 2006

POWER BACK ON: I'm back in bizness BIATCHESS

What is up? I know it's been a minute especially since ya girl has been without power since last Wednesday since that "LIL OL STORM" wupped ST. Louis's ASS. My power offically was restored less than 15 minutes ago. Went around the house replugging back in all the major appliances, TV's, vibrator (just kidding, it takes batteries, LOLOL again I'm just joking, I have no need for such a thang (whistles low and eyes raise to the heavens)), and other non-important items that we take for granted.

You know when you have been without for a while, when you have a neighbor running up and down the street screaming THE POWER IS BACK ON, THE POWER IS BACK ON!!!! Well I am definitely grateful to say the least. I took all of the family meat to my girl Danielle's house and will reclaim it later once the freezers in all 3 of our side by sides and our 20 cubic foot freezer are fully running at top speeds and are cold as hell once again.

I was upstairs TRYING to cop some ZZZZZ's for about 3 1/2 hours when this miracle came upon me. I am now sitting in my computer chair with just a husband beata and thong on relaxin and enjoying the cold ass breeze that my BEAUTIFUL central air is kickin OUT!!!! Out of all my girlfriends I was the LAST one to get her electricty back on. So I definitely want to thank Danielle for her hospitality, A.C., and freezer/fridge space.

Of course I would NEVER end a post without telling you how wonderful work was today but I would be LYING if I started out stating that it was wonderful. Well I went back to the PREVIOUS building I came from, to help with a project. We were told from our supervisor that we would be over at the SITE BUILDING until this Friday coming up. the Project manager informed us it was a 4 month stint!!!! WHAT THE PHUCK??????????? Yet again we heard from our Supervisor that WE would only be there for a week. So I'm praying we are sticking to that schedule. Especially since I hate what I'm doing I think I developed a headache within 1 hour of what I was doing. Yet it's so funny because it's my old job, of what I originially used to do when I first started the job back in Oct. 2004.

Oh well, I'm about to go take an ice cold shower followed by a quick rush of hot water so I can just relax in an oversize towel and spread eagle acroos my bed. Holla at ya. It's good to be back in the world of the sane. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and did I mention the parental units are out of town until this Thursday? Oh the peace and quiet will be so only if they would've fit my lil sis into one of their luggage cases.
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