July 22, 2006

The night The City of Saint Louis had it's ass handed to them

DAY 1. (Wednesday)

Well if you live in St. Louis you should know by now that a really bad storm hit us wednesday evening. I was at job #2 when the storm hit. I knew it was serious just by the cloud formations that were happening outside. Just a word of advice, whenever you see a GREEN SKY and dark clouds going in the OPPOSITE direction of the natural wind flow, then you are in deep s*h*i*t.

The electricty in the store was going on and off and to make it worse, one of my managers had pulled me from my department to help the wireless department with some activations for new cellphones. YEA!!!!! (NOT). Outside we see the trees looking as though they are about to bend in half and one of the Tall Lamp Post in the parking lot was swaying WAY TOO HARD, to the point I was just waiting for it to just keel over and hit the store.

Well after we closed down the store, I get a call from my mom informing me that we are out of electricity at the house. Of course Im just bummed the hell out and decide to stay at Danielle's for the night. I'm pissed as hell because I'm trying get my grub on before I get to DAnielle's but SCREW it every place was jammed packed with over 1 hour waits for food. So I get to Danielle's and her A.C. is on the fritz so we are using fans. Ok so I'm not only hungry but I'm also HOT. So I get a pack of frozen chicken out and I fry up some chicken and macaroni and cheese at MIDNIGHT. yes I am that damn hungry BUT the food was hella delicious. BOY let me tell you something if you have ever wondered how it feels to be a pan of chicken being baked on the CONVECTION cycle, I can give you first hand knowledge. Now just think to yourself, you are laying on a bed with a fan going on next to the bed AND at the foot of the bed. You would think no big deal the air will just circulate and that will be good enough right? WRONG? Honey I was sweating so bad it looked like I was going thru withdrawal from some illegal substance. Well anyway I wake up around 4:30 am to go home and check on the family. Needless to say ya girl called off from work because there was just NO WAY I was going to go to work.

DAY 2. (Thursday)

Ok, I'm off from work and I'm hot as hell in my room around 5am. I barely get any sleep and when 10 am rolls around I get up and take a nice cool ass shower. I then I get in my car just joy riding because Lord knows pretty much the whole city is out of power so I'm just trying to figure out what the hell I can do to keep me occupied. So I call the St. Louis Art Museum and to my delight find out that they are open. Honey, I absolutely LOVE the Museum not only doesn't have a fantastic collection of history artifacts that I could just get lost in for hours, but they have one of the BEST Air Conditioners Systems EVER!!! I know they have it in place for all the priceless art but DAMN, I'm priceless art and I need to be kept cool too!!!

So ya girl stayed at the ART museum for over 4 hours (yes I know get ya laugh on) and then left and went home. I don't remember what I did afterwards because it was such a damn long time ago. HAHAHA Oh now I remember, I went to Best Buy, to price corded landline phones and Danielle was at work. She bought a new A.C. unit and Keith (her housemate) took it home and had it put into her room. Before we get to the house we stop off at the Schnucks off of Natural Bridge and Union. Man you talkin about some ghetto ass people come out at NIGHT!!!! Everyone and they momma was OUT trying to stay cool buy ice and not to mention buying BEER!!!!! (Hello!!!! is it me or do people not realize that when you drink alcohol when it's hot, that the combination is NOT a good one?) So by the time Danielle and I made it to her house it was on and blowing out some COLD AIR. Kamina came over later and we just chilled out and went to bed. Again I woke up around 4:30am and burnt out. I then went to QuickTrip by the house at 4:30am and filled my tank to the BRIM!!!!!

DAY 3. (Friday)

Ok so I get home around 5am and of course I called off AGAIN!!!! I then start to joy ride AGAIN around the city, but this time I end up at the St. Louis Mills Mall. I chill out there for a minute and go shopping at Old Navy and pick up some cute skirts. WHY OH WHY did another STORM HIT as I was getting check outed at the registers!!!!!?????!!!! So needless to say I'm at Old Navy standing in the dark waiting for the whole transaction to be done.

My friend called stating he was on his way to meet me up there. I call him to make sure that he is okay and still on his way. We meet up at the movie theater entrance and I run out and meet him at his ride. We then go over to my car and we switch to that one and go to Creve Couer to enjoy 2 movies for the price of one. HAHAHA First went and saw MY EX-GIRLFRIEND IS A SUPERHERO and then we went to go see PIRATES OF THE CARIBEAN 2. He liked the first while I like the second movie more. We then chillout for the rest of the evening and don't part ways till later on that night. I go home and try to stay cool.

DAY 4. (Saturday)

Ok well we are on today FINALLY. I get home and try to clean up the disaster that I call a room. I then have my mom call me downstairs to help clean out all 3 of our side by side fridges. Mainly the FREEZER parts since the food is pretty much lost. Well we get the food into the garbage bags and I'm hauling them away to the 3 trashcans behind the house. So as soon as we get the pots upstairs to clean THEM out, my aunt calls to inform us that we might possibly be reimbursed for the food that we loose in fridge. DO you know my mom had me help her take ALL the food out of the trash cans so we could take inventory of all the damn food, 5 bags full of stank, nasty, JUST STINKY food? Yep ya girl almost vomited a couple times Yet I get through.

Then my mom gets worried about the meet that we had in the freezer. I call Danielle and being the sweetheart friend that she is, she says it's okay to use her freezer and fridge. My mom's eyes just LIGHT UP and after I take a shower, I'm on my way down to Danielle's with 2 clothes basket fill to the brim with nothing but MEAT. I get to Danielle's and amazingly it all fit. So afterwards I tell Danielle to PLEASE inform Keith that he is NOT to touch a DAMN THANG. If he didn't buy it himself it does not belong to him.

We stop by Old Navy in Ladue for a quick minute (can you tell I like Old Navy?) I then take her on to work but not before we stop at the McDonalds across the street from the gig, do you know these chicks wanted to get smart-ass with us because THEY phucked up our order. I told them I wasn't going to pay for the mistake they were going to give us the orders like we asked for them in the first place. They ended up giving us Apple Pies for the inconvience. I drop off Danielle and then make my way to Walgreens by the house to get a bag of ice for my mom. I then take a nap before it's my time to get to work. Hell I decided to get their early by 30 minutes because it was too damn hot to be at home and NOT be paid. So I eventually text message Keith this evening and tell him don't touch shit in that fridge. HAHAHA Apparently he had a blind date tonight.......................................................( <<<>>>) until AFTER the date.

Well it's about that time, where we close down and I'm going to have dinner with Danielle and Bridget. Most likely I will be sleeping over Danielle's again. My mom called me to inform me that our neighbors across the street have power yet we still have NONE. I also have taken some pics via my digital camera but it's gonna be a minute before they will be uploaded because.......................I dont have electrcity. yet you are probably wondering how in the hell is she making this post. HAHAHA Via the job's computer....;) Take care and stay cool. PEACE

P.S. - I did take pics with my camera phone and you can see a few on my FLICKR website, not much but it helped pass the time. LOLOL
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