July 16, 2006

Goodmornin Hope you had a wonderful Saturday

Well I must say mine was very good. I woke up this morning got myself dressed for Amy Bridal Shower. Yet I still didn't have a present so right after I went to the bank to make a deposit, I zoomed over to the Saint Louis Galleria and went to Victoria's Secret and bought her a gift card. I jet on out of there and proceed to TRY to make it there on time. Well needless to say ya girl ended up getting lost for over an hour and finally made it to the shindig around 1:30pm, and yes the whole party started at 1pm. The neighborhood was beautiful, but I must say I THINK I could make my way back if I needed to.

The house was beautiful and I was able to meet more of Amy's relatives. I couldn't get over the resemblence of Amy's mom and her two sisters. They were dead ringers for their mom's appearance. She was such a beautiful lady and there is this picture of her near the bathroom that pretty much glowed when you look at it. I caught myself just staring at for a long time.

Well then we dig into the food and soon afterwards it was time for gift opening part. Yet there was a catch I didn't mention before. Remember I said that my card or at least I remember my card stating that this was a BRIDAL SHOWER?????? Well the GROOM was there ALSO. I'm thinking HUH? I thought it was just the girls, but I should have known when I saw men walking around too. Had to raise my eyebrow at that one, until I saw Scott (Amy's husband-to-be) in the kitchen!!!

I also see Hannah and her mom in there as well. Amy introduces me to her family members and I pretty much keep myself stationed in the kitchen in the middle of all the talk-talk and catchin up's. Hannah and her mom leave after a while and I follow a few minutes afterwards. I had a GREAT TIME oh and I gave the Victoria's Secret card to Amy. Way I see it, technically it's for BOTH of them anyway. Whatever Amy buys is going to be for Scott's enjoyment or benefit, one way or the other. LOLOLOL

So after I leave there I head on to West County Mall where I go to one of my favorite shops, TORRID. I walk around to see if anything catches my fancy. NADA so I then go the Saint Louis Galleria AGAIN, but since I have time to chill out now I take my time. I walk around for some time and also check out THAT TORRID location, again NOTHING. So I just walk around for a while take a breather on one of their very comfortable sofas and somewhat doze of for a while. I then decide that I was hungry and go to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY.

Well after I get my buzzer to alert me when I can be seated, I go out and sit on one of the benches right outside of the restuarant and read my book. Around 25 to 30 minues later my buzzer goes off. I go in and was being prepared to be seated when the person escorting me noticed that the table wasn't ready. He apologizes and takes me back up front to the waiting area and tells me that it should be a couple of minutes and would check again. Well, he looks again 5 minutes later and it's STILL NOT clean. So then he takes me to a new area to be seated.

He gives me my menu, my waiter asks if I want a drink, a strawberry Lemonade is ALWAYS a treat. I give him my order, A LEMON HERB CHICKEN and I munch on the bread as I continue to read my book. After a while I'm starting to get hungry AND sleepy. Especially since it was while since my order was put in, now granted I know it was a SAturday night and of course the place was packed, but I just figured that since it was just ONE person at the table that it wouldn't be as long as a wait. Well my server was excellent and he came over to apologize and informed me that my order would be out shortly. Well sure enough a female server came out with an order but it wasn't MINE!!! I told her what my order was suppose to be and she promptly took the food back into the kitchen. I think at that time I could feel my stomach actually flip-flop...

Then around 5 minutes later, I assume the Shift Manager on duty came over to me and apologized and asked if I would like a soup or a salad. I told him no thank you and that I was fine. He told me that he would go check on my order. Around 10 minutes later the Shift Manager personally brought out my food to me and apologized again. I told him thank you and proceeded to eat my dinner. It was delicious!!!! as usual and since I only a small portion, particulary since I was starting to doze off at the table, I asked for a to-go box and order a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake. I barely ate half of that so I asked for a to-go box on that as well. I paid my bill and proceeded to go home.

I get home, helped my mom with a crossword puzzle from her PEOPLE magazine and then took my ass to bed. Hope you enjoyed your Saturday evening, I must say I found mine quite relaxing.
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