July 11, 2006

If anyone knows of good reputable source to get a LIVE grenade PLEASE CALL.......

Today I'm at work, clocked out around 4pm and I'm just on the cpu in the breakroom on the 5th floor of job #1. Today we had our evaluations and needless to say mine was deinitely on the shitty side. Personally I didn't care I knew it was coming and in all honesty I'm just going keep doing me and say phuck the rest. So all day long these evaluations are going on and guess who happens to be last on the list. Yep you guessed it, your's truly me.

I don't know how many people asked me if I had mine yet and I said NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. etc.........etc...............etc............. Well my supervisor's assistant finally calls me into the lil breakroom I like to go into to take naps from time to time. She gives me the evaluation and I read it over. Pretty much is sucked and I could feel the heat from the back of my neck just crawlin up over my scalp and settling right over my eyebrows.

She asked me if I had any questions or comments......Do you think I had comments??? Oh yes a sista had comments and let them be known. I told her what I honestly thought about the situation and how I didn't care for or TRUST either our Supervisor and the Lead Technican. She nodded her head in understanding. I told her I didn't have any animosity towards her or majority of the other people I worked with. It was just those 2 and a few other people that I have to interact with on a daily basis.

Of course I received ZERO raise but that's okay especially when I hear that a GOOD review would ONLY get you about 30 to 50 cents. I'm good, I have job number 2 since I work that on the weekends I don't really need the extra change. I just keep tellin myself this is just a bump in the road but I'll be damn if I make it a ditch.;)

Well of course I named this blog entry the way I did because I wish I did have a grenade and put it up both my Supervisor's and Lead Technican's ass and see which one would get blown to kingdom come first. Hell I probably would hold bets, that should take care of the next couple of bonuses I'm probably gonna miss out on.

Oh well, I have work at job #2 tonight so pray for me, but I'm happy because for the rest of the week I'm free of job #2 until the following Sunday. I wonder what I'm gonna DO????? Hmmmmmm any know me I'm ALWAYS game;) LOLOLOL
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