July 30, 2006

Holla Peoples;)

Hey there hope you all are doing great;). I'm wonderful thanx for asking.....lolol Well I must say that my weekend was quite nice. yesterday since I didn't have work, I just sat around and did NOTHING all day long except sleep and play my xbox from time to time. Oh but of course I only did that after I helped my mom clean out the freezer sides of all our 3 side by side fridges. NOT FUN!!!! My mom wanted me to go to a family birthday party gathering but I told her UH-UH, today is MY day and I'm going to enjoy it.

Later on in the day my girl Tiffany called me and we hooked up around 9:45pm and met at the MILLS which was JAMMED PACKED to go see MIAMI VICE. Excellent movie highly recommend go see. Of course there was drama there as well, some bad ass kids tried to sneak in by a side door around 10 of them and they all got busted by the cops. HAHAHA All I have to say is that movie was LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG around 2 and 30 minutes long.

So I was back home by 12:30am and took my ass to bed AFTER I played around an hour of Star Wars on my Xbox.

Now as far as how the week has gone PREVIOUSLY to that, then I would say SHITTY as usual. Of course I told you how at job #1, I was in a new building working on a project that I was suppose to work on for just a week. Well the project itself is for 4 months. I personally can't stand the project I get a serious headache everytime I'm working on it. So pray for me, I've already done a week of it so far and now I am on my 2nd week. Lord give me strength.
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