October 31, 2005

Domain name game

Well this past weekend I've been working at Best buy and guess what? Today I work it also tonight. So instead of enjoying Halloween. I will be at job #1 followed by #2. Only consolation I can think of is it will give me the rest of the week to relax and concentrate on geting ready for this play that i'm going to on Thursday. I have a hair appointment on Wednesday. Gonna go to the cleaners today and have my outfit pressed out and ready for the play. Suppose to have my nails done tomorrow. Will try to get my make-up done right before the play. So wish me luck.

Oh and by the way I registered a domain name ALL-THAT-JAZZ.US so all I need to do now is figure out what the hell I need to do. I own Adobe and Macromedia software so I guess I can try to take a class on it. As much of a nightmare it's probably gonna be. I've always wanted to develop my own website for a very long time just didn't know the way to go about doing it.

October 29, 2005

Man time goes by when have alotta shit to do

It's Saturday morning and I'm up and about. I have work at 12pm until 8 this evening. Another Saturday I don't have to close YEA!!! Well yesterday after I got off of work, I went to go pick up a co-worker, Danielle. So we could go to the Avenue and find her a top to go along her pants that she is wearing to a play at the Fox Theater called CHEATERS that we along with 4 other people are going to go see on Nov. 3. We were successful in finding a pretty coral long sleeve button up and she found some shoes as well.

October 26, 2005

What important day did I forget today?

Yea yea yea when I tell you, your answer will be one of the 2. Number 1, how could you forget and number 2 don't feel bad it's not YOUR day. Well now that I have your attention. I called my mom this afternoon while at job #1 and my mom in a sneaky way asked me what today is. I told her Wednesday. She asked me again I told her the 26th. She starts to sigh dramatically and says IT'S MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I'm just on the phone like damn it....So needless to say I know what my mom wants M-O-N-E-Y and my dad as usual will just want socks or hankies or maybe both. Main thing I know I will need to get tonight will be a card. As soon as I hung up the phone with my mom I texted my dad on his blackberry to wish him a Happy Anniversary. I couldnt believe I let it slip my mind. I guess I must just so much on my mind. So now I'm at job number 2 shakin my ass to some Ciara music which is blastin thru out the whole store. The chick can't sing but she has some tight beats. Take care and god bless

October 25, 2005


I’ve GOT GAS!!!!!

Hey people guess what??? I’ve got gas and no not the kind people have and try to pass off as someone else’s in crowded elevators. I mean the type of gas that one buys for their car. You know the kind where the gas is just so damn hi now you actually have to figure into your budget how much of your check is for the GAS fund? Besides the BILLS, COLLEGE, and etc funds.….?

Well today my Supervisor came by with 2 $10 Gas Cards (that is $20) that I won because of a survey that I took a long time ago that I don’t even remember taking. So who am I to say no to free gas? I took them with a big smile on my face and signed my name on the dotted line to accept them.

So at least I have something to show for the day since I’m pulling a double-header today. Which means I work job #1 now and go to job #2 this evening. Oh and did I mention I get to do all over again tomorrow? Quick somebody shoot me I’m having TOO much fun.

October 24, 2005

Hello you Monday people

What's up people just wanted to give a quick shout out before I pack up and go home. Nothin much to tell about today. Just your regular monday morning-afternoon-evening. Time sure flies when u have fun, or so I've been told. Well my day has been slow as hell, so what does that tell ya? Have fun lookin at the clock;) Let me know when u start havin fun. I know I will when I clock out.

Note: I know some of you are just so ENVIOUS of my clock, and you are saying to yourself. Damn that chick has style, but how do I get my hands on one of those fabu clocks, well I'm not one to keep a good thing to myself;) So just go to the Title of this entry right above the pic and click to your heart's content. Smooches

October 23, 2005

These boots were made for walkin and that's just what they'll do, these boots were made for walkin and I'm gonna walk all over you........

It's Sunday evening, 5pm CST to be exact. lol I know you guys are wonderin what the hell is up with the CST in my posts, well just in case u didn't read my profile I am in the Midwest. Well anyway, I started my day by going to Crestwood Mall, about 30 min. drive to exchange my top and skirt. Don't worry they are still the same just in different sizes. Bigger top and a smaller bottom. The lady who helped me really was nice. So then i bummed about for a little bit more and then went to Marshalls in the area. Found these BAD ASS BOOTS that I'm going to wear instead of the shoes in the previous post. They were just too sexy to pass up so I put them layway so i'll get them out next week.

October 22, 2005


It's the evening, C.S.T. and I'm at gig number 2 just chillin out watchin people in my department just walk around aimlessly trying to figure out what the hell they want. I got paid from job numba 1 yesterday and it did put a smile on ya girl's face. Since I had worked so hard earlier this week I had to leave earlier on Friday so I wouldn't have overtime. So I cut out around 2:15pm and decided I needed to look for my outfit for the play that I'm going to along with some girlfriends and a guy friend of ours. It's called Cheaters showing at the Fox Theater with Brian McKnight. So went to a store and found an outfit and I must say I will be lookin good;) lol But I'm not one to toot my own horn, I'll let u do that for me.

October 20, 2005

Cubicle 101

What’s up people? It’s ya girl back again. Almost finished with my first day of work at my new desk. Made sure to get here by 7:15am so I would have a good parking space. I had to make sure I remembered the trek so I wouldn’t get lost;) After the first successful, I went back to my car and brought in my first box so I could unload and start getting things into place. Took about 40 minutes and only thing I still need to take care of is my voicemail and getting some replacement keys for my lockers. Also the bathrooms BRRRRGGGGHHH are cold as hell!!! I swear I need to put down at least 4 layers of those damn toilet seat covers just so I won't form assicles by the time I sit down... thought I was gonna have to take the seat back with me to my cubicle cuz I thought I froze there on site. lol

October 19, 2005

You may pass GO

It's 7pm C.S.T. and I'm at my 2nd job just blowin time. Well folks I've offically ended my first year and a day at my 1st job in my old building. All my crap is in my car until tomorrow morning. I am now at my new location which is a good walk......10-15 minutes away depending on the laziness factor. I said my good-byes to my coworkers still in the building and so around 3:30pm started to pack up my last box with the remaining items that I was still using to function for the day. I know I will have to get to work around 6:45am to 7am in hopes of finding a good parking spot. So cross your fingers for me and hope I remember to get up.;) The Cardinals play tonight and try to stay alive for the World Series. I am rooting for them and hope they send the Astros home by next game.

October 18, 2005

The Big Move

Hello to one and all. I’m at work right now just taking a mini-break (you know, the one’s not scheduled as official breaks, but as seen as the quick one between one of your scheduled and your lunch). Sometimes there are more than one of these.;)

Well anyway I started packing my stuff up yesterday into boxes so I wouldn’t have to rush at the last minute. Took me about 15 min. too get 2 boxes together and set them under my desk. Yet I still have a 3rd box to go that will fit all the stuff I’m still currently using until I permanently move over to the other building. Spirits are still the same with the group – dread. Yet I came in today at 7am to put my 2 boxes that were already packed into the trunk of my car.

October 17, 2005

A pie in the face goes a long way....

Well yesterday I had work. I opened which was a change of pace, and got my ass handed to me by crazy customers as usual. After my shift was over I waited for 2 coworkers and we went to the West County Mall to look for outfits for a play we will be attending on Nov. 3. I went to a store and found a nice outfit yet my friends were still on the hunt for one.

After our little outing, we went back up to our job for a special team meeting that started at 8pm. We get there by 7:30pm so we can chillout beforehand. By 8pm everyone is there and then we start, by 8:30pm we are in team breakouts, so we go to our mini meetings and talk about what is going to happen by Thanxgiving and Xmas time.

October 16, 2005

Kickin it with Mina for her B-day on the Weekend

Hope all of you have had a great weekend. This past Friday I kicked it with one of my best friends, Kamina, for a birthday. AFter I got my hair done with one of my other best friends, Danielle, who was suppose to also kick with me, she had to go home. So I rode solo to THE FORMULA aka ISIS off of Washington Street, ya know downtown. Parking was hell since it took me around 15 min. to finally find one. When I greet Kamina at the door we go inside and I meet some of her other friends who were also celebrating her b-day with her.

October 11, 2005

Out at the club last night and u wouldn't believe what happened

Goodmornin to all I hope you had a better night than I did. Met up with some of my friends and went to PLUSH for Monday Night Football. First let me rewind before that moment. I was at the mall getting some new jeans since my favorite ones were phucked up. I finally get home to take a shower and get dressed and was meeting one of my coworkers at the Amoco/McDonalds off of Florissant and Highway 70. I get there and put 10 dollas in my tank, I go INSIDE the place and paid DEBIT at the damn register. I meet my girl and we good, we go out to my one of my best friends apartment to meet up with her and roll out.

October 7, 2005

Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Payday is here from Job #1. My direct deposit went off without a hitch!!! So yes ya girl is paid and happy. Well somewhat happy. Found out I will be moving from my current building to ANOTHER one and have to be moved by October 19. Everyone else in my pod area is pretty pissed about it as well. One of my coworkers is on vacation so she’ll get the “good” news next Monday. I really like the building I’m in because of location, the restaurant, the GYM, and the working atmosphere. From what I hear, where we will be getting shipped off to, we will be cramped like sardines.

October 6, 2005

Creve Coeur Park Challenge

Yesterday I had an interesting challenge. Well mostly I challenged myself. I went to Creve Coeur Park which is about 5 minutes away from my job and I walked their exercise trail. Which happens to be 3.8 miles long…..Am I crazy yes….but it’s something that I wanted to do to help me get back into the shape that I want to be in. Mind you I also had on ankle and wrist weights. The trail was very beautiful, I like how it changed up being able to walk in wooded areas, but I’m not crazy I made sure I was around other people as I walked but during the end of my trek, it was getting pretty dark. Overall it took me about 2 and 1/2 hours to finish my walk.

I went back to my car and drank my Gatorade (Fruit Punch). I relaxed for a minute before heading home. As soon I arrived home I went upstairs and started the bathtub, put in some Bath oil, soaked for 30 minutes, with some music and finished off with a body scrub. I went to bed sleeping like a baby and woke up just a tad bit soar ;) Overall I think this is a new beginning to the old me physically.

October 4, 2005

Hair Products Used by AfricanAmericans possibly linked to Breast Cancer

Subject: Hair Products Used by African Americans possibly linked to Breast Cancer???

Even if you don't need this information pass it on. It might save someone’s life.

Lifestyles Report...Hair scare by Debbie Norrell

At least two months ago WPXI contacted me to do an interview about ingredients in hair care products used by African-Americans possibly leading to breast cancer. I was selected because I am a 15-year breast cancer survivor. I agreed to do the interview. However at the end of the taping I didn't know anything more about the study than before the cameras started rolling.

Recently WAMO news anchor and New Pittsburgh Courier freelance writer Allegra Battle did a story on this same subject and it was a feature on the May 9, 5 p.m. KDKA news. But at the end of these stories we still did not have a list of the products. Battle gave me the list that didn't make her feature during a recent visit I made to the WAMO
Studio’s promoting the Pittsburgh Race for the Cure. So many of my friends have seen the stories on television or read about this issue in the paper and they want to know which products to be concerned about.

However, I wanted to give you more so I went to the Internet and looked for articles from the Center for Environmental Oncology and found one titled: Why Healthy People Get Cancer: Center Examines Environmental Suspects (update spring 2005). The article stated, one of immediate
research priorities of the new center is the puzzling phenomenon of breast cancer in African-Americans under the age of 40, who have nearly twice as much breast cancer as do white women.

The Center will work with Silent Spring Institute, a Massachusetts based cancer institute, to identify suspect contaminants and ingredients in hair care products and other personal products regularly used by African-American young women and their mothers. More recently, attention has turned to estrogenic compounds in hair care products used by Black women as a possible explanation for higher cancer rates in this population. I've started to carry copies of the list in my purse but we're going to share it with you right here. The list simply says: The following is a list of products that have previously been found to contain hormones:

Placenta Shampoo

Queen Helene Placenta cream hair conditioner Placenta Revitalizing

Shampoo Perm Repair with placenta Proline Perm Repair with placenta

Hormone hair food Jajoba oil Triple action super grow Supreme Vita-Gro

Luster's Sur Glo Hormone B & B Super Gro Lekair Natural Super Glo

Lekair Hormone hair treatment with Vitamin E Isoplus

Hormone hair treatment with Quinine Fermodyl with Placenta hair conditioner Supreme

Vita-Gro with allantoin and estrogen plus TEA-COCO Hask Placenta Hair conditioner Nu Skin body smoother and Nu Skin Enhancer.

The majority of these products contain placental extract, placenta, hormones or estrogen. As early as 1983 Dr. Devra Davis (epidemiologist and director of the Center for Environmental oncology, part of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute) and co-researcher Leon Bradlow advanced the theory that xenoestrogens, synthetic estrogen
imitators, were a possible cause of breast cancer. Davis also says,"most cases of breast cancer are not born, but made and the more hormones a woman is exposed to in her lifetime, the greater her risk of breast cancer."

We need to be more cautious of the products that we use on our hair and our bodies and demand that more information about our health is shared.

Ladies and gentlemen beware.

October 3, 2005

Hey there

Hello to all, and I hope the day finds you well. I called off work because of a headache and when I finally do go out today I see that one of my tires are flat. YEA!!!! So I took the car to my regular place and had my tire fixed. Yesterday I had a date with a friend I've known for a while. We went to the movies out at Jamestown Mall and saw something about a sunking treasure and these four people are trying to find it. I'll post the name when I remember it. Any way we had a good time just talking and joking I enjoyed myself. Now the day before THAT, that would be Saturday. I had to go to one of my best friend's house to dry my clothes since our dryer is on the outs at my house. So the repair was scheduled for today, that is MONDAY. So I'm not even sure if it's fixed. YEA!! So now u know about my crazy weekend, I hope yours was just as pleasant.

October 1, 2005

Winning the Grudge Match
By Marjorie Rosen

Give Up Old Grudges

Several years ago, I was thrilled to be asked to co-write a book with a prominent architect -- a woman whose work I greatly admired and who, at the time, I considered a friend. Putting aside other projects to meet the ridiculously tight deadline, I spent the summer glued to my computer and phone, interviewing, researching and writing. I was thrilled to learn that, with minor changes, everyone loved the manuscript.

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