October 3, 2005

Hey there

Hello to all, and I hope the day finds you well. I called off work because of a headache and when I finally do go out today I see that one of my tires are flat. YEA!!!! So I took the car to my regular place and had my tire fixed. Yesterday I had a date with a friend I've known for a while. We went to the movies out at Jamestown Mall and saw something about a sunking treasure and these four people are trying to find it. I'll post the name when I remember it. Any way we had a good time just talking and joking I enjoyed myself. Now the day before THAT, that would be Saturday. I had to go to one of my best friend's house to dry my clothes since our dryer is on the outs at my house. So the repair was scheduled for today, that is MONDAY. So I'm not even sure if it's fixed. YEA!! So now u know about my crazy weekend, I hope yours was just as pleasant.
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