October 20, 2005

Cubicle 101

What’s up people? It’s ya girl back again. Almost finished with my first day of work at my new desk. Made sure to get here by 7:15am so I would have a good parking space. I had to make sure I remembered the trek so I wouldn’t get lost;) After the first successful, I went back to my car and brought in my first box so I could unload and start getting things into place. Took about 40 minutes and only thing I still need to take care of is my voicemail and getting some replacement keys for my lockers. Also the bathrooms BRRRRGGGGHHH are cold as hell!!! I swear I need to put down at least 4 layers of those damn toilet seat covers just so I won't form assicles by the time I sit down... thought I was gonna have to take the seat back with me to my cubicle cuz I thought I froze there on site. lol

It’s been raining on and off and been pretty cold. So I think I will just chill out at home since funds are pretty tight right now and I get paid tomorrow so I can just pop in a DVD and enjoy the rest of the evening. If anything else pops up that I think is warrants attention, I’ll post to let u guys know. Take care;)

Also just for those that didnt' watch game 6 of the freakin cards vs. astros. WE LOST!!! but u you know what, the Astro's have one hell of a pitcher and the bad call by the UMP in the 5th inning when the guy WAS NOT tagged out by the 2nd baseman, pure bulls**t. So I say good bye to Busch Stadium it's been a great run.
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