October 26, 2005

What important day did I forget today?

Yea yea yea when I tell you, your answer will be one of the 2. Number 1, how could you forget and number 2 don't feel bad it's not YOUR day. Well now that I have your attention. I called my mom this afternoon while at job #1 and my mom in a sneaky way asked me what today is. I told her Wednesday. She asked me again I told her the 26th. She starts to sigh dramatically and says IT'S MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I'm just on the phone like damn it....So needless to say I know what my mom wants M-O-N-E-Y and my dad as usual will just want socks or hankies or maybe both. Main thing I know I will need to get tonight will be a card. As soon as I hung up the phone with my mom I texted my dad on his blackberry to wish him a Happy Anniversary. I couldnt believe I let it slip my mind. I guess I must just so much on my mind. So now I'm at job number 2 shakin my ass to some Ciara music which is blastin thru out the whole store. The chick can't sing but she has some tight beats. Take care and god bless
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