October 17, 2005

A pie in the face goes a long way....

Well yesterday I had work. I opened which was a change of pace, and got my ass handed to me by crazy customers as usual. After my shift was over I waited for 2 coworkers and we went to the West County Mall to look for outfits for a play we will be attending on Nov. 3. I went to a store and found a nice outfit yet my friends were still on the hunt for one.

After our little outing, we went back up to our job for a special team meeting that started at 8pm. We get there by 7:30pm so we can chillout beforehand. By 8pm everyone is there and then we start, by 8:30pm we are in team breakouts, so we go to our mini meetings and talk about what is going to happen by Thanxgiving and Xmas time.

We reconveine for the big team meeting by 9 something and we start to wind down and close out the team meeting. Yet earlier during the meeting we had a presentation from United Way to help with their cause. So to motivate team spirit, we have a raffle for 3 things. One was the day off after Thanxgiving, another was the day off after New Years Eve, and the final was being to Pie down anyone of Managment and the leadership team that we wanted. So my team decided that we would try to go in on it as a team effort and win the Pie in the face auction. Well by the time the first 2 auctions were done and may I say they did get heated, first auction went for $175 and the second $350. The Pie auction was the last one up and the auction was starting at $50. Well some departments in the are trying to figure what to bet, by this time the betting was already up to $350, we decided that we REALLY wanted to auction bad so we decided to put up $600 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had a camera for the faces of all management because when they heard scream $600 dollars people just looked at us in shock. Now you know what was the big shock, besides us betting that amount of money? We are also the smallest department in the store. 5 of us to be exact were as other departments have at least 10 to 20 members at a minimum. So it made all of them look REALLY bad. We figured shelling out $120 bucks per person for a good cause would definitely be worth it and something I've ALWAYS wanted to do. So I'm killing 2 birds with one stone.

Afterwards Danielle, Patrina and myself headed to Dave and Busters to celebrate Patrina's B-day that we had to reschedule because of something coming up for me. Since D & B was about to close, we decided to head to a Denny's 5 min.'s away and Trina and I had breakfast food, while Danielle had dinner food. We chilled out and talked about who we were gonna pie and in what order. It was really intersesting. Finally we checked the time, said our goodbyes, i took Danielle home and then I took my ass home and here I am typing away. Good night and don't slip on a pie pan. hahahahaha
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