October 18, 2005

The Big Move

Hello to one and all. I’m at work right now just taking a mini-break (you know, the one’s not scheduled as official breaks, but as seen as the quick one between one of your scheduled and your lunch). Sometimes there are more than one of these.;)

Well anyway I started packing my stuff up yesterday into boxes so I wouldn’t have to rush at the last minute. Took me about 15 min. too get 2 boxes together and set them under my desk. Yet I still have a 3rd box to go that will fit all the stuff I’m still currently using until I permanently move over to the other building. Spirits are still the same with the group – dread. Yet I came in today at 7am to put my 2 boxes that were already packed into the trunk of my car.

We keep finding out more details within the hour. We will not be able to keep our personal phone extensions when we go over. New ones will be assigned to us HOPEFULLY within 24 hours. Our cubicles will not be like the ones we have here and most likely will be smaller. Even though I will still be around the people that I work with in my present building, the seating will be just a tad bit different.

Parking I already know will be a nightmare, so I will have to get here by 7:30am at the LATEST to still be in the running for a good parking space. The cafeteria in my present building is off the chain, and Fred who is my favorite cook who knew me by face and my favorite thing to chow-down on will be sorely missed by me. He always has you smiling and grinning every time he sees you. I hear the cafeteria in the building we are going into is just a tad bit on the wack and possibly nasty side, so I think I’ll be brown-bagging it for a while till I make my conclusions.

I do like my job or at least what I’m doing now in comparison to what I was doing when I first started. Yet I know why it is so important to stay in school, because I know I could not and will not do this for the rest of my life. Just keep me in your prayers and just hope I don’t crack.

As I work at my bare-ass desk, with the minimum work supply to keep me going, I go around my floor making mental memories of the year I’ve been here and the friends I’ve made. By the way my one year work anniversary is today. Hell of a way to Celebrate.
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