October 29, 2005

Man time goes by when have alotta shit to do

It's Saturday morning and I'm up and about. I have work at 12pm until 8 this evening. Another Saturday I don't have to close YEA!!! Well yesterday after I got off of work, I went to go pick up a co-worker, Danielle. So we could go to the Avenue and find her a top to go along her pants that she is wearing to a play at the Fox Theater called CHEATERS that we along with 4 other people are going to go see on Nov. 3. We were successful in finding a pretty coral long sleeve button up and she found some shoes as well.

Afterwards we drove to Sunset Hills Marshalls to look around and get my boots that I'm wearing to play out of layway. The horror I had to go thru yesterday was just undescribable. I go to the layway area and speak with a rep who then looks up my ticket. She finds the ticket and then proceeds to go thru the layway area, and can't find my boots. After finding 2 other co-workers to help her find the boots but this is of course is 30 minutes later.... There is a line forming of agitated customers who are also waiting for layway help but they dare not saying anything smart ass to me. I guess the look on my face must have been priceless because even Danielle said, "man u look straight heated".

My boots are finally brought to me and I pay for them. Funny thing is that I found some more boots and put them in layway. lolol but at least the chick that put them in knows the proper proceuder and plus I definitely remember what she looks like. lol I also was trying to go the post office by my house to pick up something else I had ordered but it was too late.Oh well after our little escapade, I took Danielle home and went home. Suppose to go out with my mom but since I came home to0 late she decided against it.

So this morning I go to the Post office and get my package, go to Schuncks to cash in my moms coins and buy breakfast for my mother and I. Suppose to meet up with a friend of mine for breakfast but he called and canceled. So we are meeting up tomorrow
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