October 19, 2005

You may pass GO

It's 7pm C.S.T. and I'm at my 2nd job just blowin time. Well folks I've offically ended my first year and a day at my 1st job in my old building. All my crap is in my car until tomorrow morning. I am now at my new location which is a good walk......10-15 minutes away depending on the laziness factor. I said my good-byes to my coworkers still in the building and so around 3:30pm started to pack up my last box with the remaining items that I was still using to function for the day. I know I will have to get to work around 6:45am to 7am in hopes of finding a good parking spot. So cross your fingers for me and hope I remember to get up.;) The Cardinals play tonight and try to stay alive for the World Series. I am rooting for them and hope they send the Astros home by next game.

I've seen our new area where we will be going to. It will take some time to adjust. Not as much room as I hoped, yet I hear that we will be getting new chairs, cpu's, and monitors. We don't have traditional lockers, we have 2 overhead lockers and 3 small size one underneath the desk. So I know Im gonna have to go to Walmart to find an organizer. Since I only had one key that worked I decided to keep my shit in my car till I have all my locker keys. i want to make sure my stuff is locked and secure whenever I leave it.

Earlier we enjoyed domino's pizza and new company shirts since it was customer appreciation week or something like that. They gave out a crossword puzzle that I figured out in 30 min.with prizes to be given out this Friday. Overall I got some work done and called to check on my mom as usual. I left today at 4pm with box in hand along with my coworker Juanita and we walked off into the sunset avoiding the geese and duck shit on the street and grass.

Adios amigos;)
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