October 11, 2005

Out at the club last night and u wouldn't believe what happened

Goodmornin to all I hope you had a better night than I did. Met up with some of my friends and went to PLUSH for Monday Night Football. First let me rewind before that moment. I was at the mall getting some new jeans since my favorite ones were phucked up. I finally get home to take a shower and get dressed and was meeting one of my coworkers at the Amoco/McDonalds off of Florissant and Highway 70. I get there and put 10 dollas in my tank, I go INSIDE the place and paid DEBIT at the damn register. I meet my girl and we good, we go out to my one of my best friends apartment to meet up with her and roll out.

We chillin and kickin it and finally arrive and our destination. Now my coworker told me off the flip that it was going to be free to get in. Well we were TWO MINUTES LATE and had to pay a $10 cover charge to get in. So seeing tas that I only brought my debit card, my girl Kamina paid my way in. Another coworker was suppose to be there already but never showed up. Yet my cousin Andy was coming up there and his best friend Danny was already there. So it was gonna be cool.

After Andy gets to the club, we find us a place to sit and then I go to the bar to start a tab, we are watchin the game, having a good time. Drinking a bit, I had Hypnotiq and Malibu Rum and Pineapple. Also sipped a tad bit on a Cranberry and Greygoose Vodka.

The game is over and I decide to closeout my tab. I go the bartender and tell her I'm done. She tries to run my card and tells me it won't go thru. I'm lookin at her like what the fuck........So I take my card go outside and call my debit card company (RUSHCARD) and they tell me that the gas station that I went to tonight, you know the one I put 10DOLLARS on, had put a hold of 70 BUCKS on my CARD!!!!! Im like what the hell. I told them that's not right that I went in and paid for gas, not swiped at the pump. The customer service rep tells me there is nothing that they can do, so now I'm getting really ignorant and demand to speak with a supervisor. After waiting 5 min. on hold I finally get the Sup. online. He tells me this is the first time he's seen this type of issue and keeps apologizing for the INCONVENICE but there is nothing he can do. I'm steady telling him, I have drinks I have to pay for and I can't becuz of this INCONVENICE. I tell him they need to figure out something because now I have a HUGE dilema.

Not to mention when I went outside to call them it was too damn loud in the club anyway, they send this big ass bouncer to look for me, and I told him in a not so nice tone, to back off I was handling the situation. I wish u could have seen his face, his eyebrows perked up he put his hands up and starting walkin backwards. Must have been the liquor. lolol

Ok, so back to the story, I'm still on the phone with the Sup. and he just keeps repeating that there is nothing they can do. So I just get to the point where I say, "So you are telling me that I'm fucked?" and he goes "YES mam unfortunately you are." I told him and oh so many words that they aren't good for shit and that I would be putting in a complaint, do you know he had the nerve to ask if he could help me any further, I told him to kiss my ass and hung up.

As soon as hung up the phone on that prick, my cousin calls me and I tell him I'm outside, he was cool enough to front me for the drinks and I told him I would run it back to him Friday. We go back inside, I pay the bartender, we get our dance on, and the rest as they say was history. If anything I learned to bring some backup cash, WHICH I HAD (ARGGGG), but it was at the house...... Don't need another embarrasing moment like that again.
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