October 25, 2005


I’ve GOT GAS!!!!!

Hey people guess what??? I’ve got gas and no not the kind people have and try to pass off as someone else’s in crowded elevators. I mean the type of gas that one buys for their car. You know the kind where the gas is just so damn hi now you actually have to figure into your budget how much of your check is for the GAS fund? Besides the BILLS, COLLEGE, and etc funds.….?

Well today my Supervisor came by with 2 $10 Gas Cards (that is $20) that I won because of a survey that I took a long time ago that I don’t even remember taking. So who am I to say no to free gas? I took them with a big smile on my face and signed my name on the dotted line to accept them.

So at least I have something to show for the day since I’m pulling a double-header today. Which means I work job #1 now and go to job #2 this evening. Oh and did I mention I get to do all over again tomorrow? Quick somebody shoot me I’m having TOO much fun.
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