October 7, 2005

Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Payday is here from Job #1. My direct deposit went off without a hitch!!! So yes ya girl is paid and happy. Well somewhat happy. Found out I will be moving from my current building to ANOTHER one and have to be moved by October 19. Everyone else in my pod area is pretty pissed about it as well. One of my coworkers is on vacation so she’ll get the “good” news next Monday. I really like the building I’m in because of location, the restaurant, the GYM, and the working atmosphere. From what I hear, where we will be getting shipped off to, we will be cramped like sardines.

Originally we knew we were supposed to move, BUT we thought it was to the new area that had just been setup up on our floor. Now grant you, the cubicles over there are different from where I sit now, in fact they look smaller to me. Yet at least we would still be on the same floor just moving our stuff to another desk. No big deal, I’ve done it before 2 previous times. But, your telling me NOW I have to move to another building all together? That is just a bitch….and unfortunately from what I’ve heard thru the grapevine we have one bitch in management to thank for this move.

Well, besides that a bunch of us ordered lunch from a place called Off the Grill located off of Dorsett. I had Tenderloin Tips, a Baked Potato, mixed veggies (which I will NOT get again YUCK!!), and a soft (HARD ASS) roll. Oh and I can’t forget the Tea, which I think was the best thing about the meal, but not to worry ya girl came prepared with her mini version of Lawry Seasoning salt, so I was able to salvage the meal just a tad. Well after work I plan to go to Creve Couer and workout again for a couple of hours, and then just chill out, who knows might go out if my muscles aren’t too sore. Take care and God bless.;)
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