October 23, 2005

These boots were made for walkin and that's just what they'll do, these boots were made for walkin and I'm gonna walk all over you........

It's Sunday evening, 5pm CST to be exact. lol I know you guys are wonderin what the hell is up with the CST in my posts, well just in case u didn't read my profile I am in the Midwest. Well anyway, I started my day by going to Crestwood Mall, about 30 min. drive to exchange my top and skirt. Don't worry they are still the same just in different sizes. Bigger top and a smaller bottom. The lady who helped me really was nice. So then i bummed about for a little bit more and then went to Marshalls in the area. Found these BAD ASS BOOTS that I'm going to wear instead of the shoes in the previous post. They were just too sexy to pass up so I put them layway so i'll get them out next week.

Went next door to Bed Bath and Beyond too check out shoe racks, didn't find any that i like so I jet over to TJMAXX and didn't see shit that i liked so i went next door to Target's and found a shoe rack and bought it. My mom called me and told me she needed some things from Schnucks (grocery food chain) and that she and my sis were hungry so I went to McDonalds to get them something to eat. Technically I went to 2 Schnucks because my mom wanted peaches. Well they told me that Peaches were out of season so I got her some plums and vanilla cupcakes for my sis.

Finally got back home were i am now chillin in my room getting a cool breeze thru my windows just relaxin until I go back out again at 7pm. Where I'll be going to the Mills (shopping mall) for an INTEL movie night/seminar. So I get to learn about new products and watch a movie all for FREE. Just don't know what movie though........hmmmm well I'll update with more details when I get back home. Ciou;)

update: it's 10:45pm and I'm back from the Intel Seminar. It was okay we didn't see a movie afterwards but we did get 2 free movie passes and a $10 gift certificate for the movie theater. So I'm at home now just unwindin until I drift off to sleep.
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