January 28, 2009

Gone too soon: Matt Bachrach

A while back, on November 4,2005 to be exact, I had written in my blog about an amazing guy that I had heard playing piano at one of my local malls (West County Mall). This evening for some strange reason I just thought about him and decided to see if he had a new cd out. Unfortunately I found out through my googling that he had been killed in a car accident back in September. My spirits were definitely dampened and thought about how this talented man would no longer be able to express himself through new music pieces. But then I realized even beyond that, he had a family that misses him dearly. I was lucky enough to snag a picture of him at the time when he was playing piano back in the mall.

If you would like to hear his music as well, go to and you will find his music. Absolutely breathtaking. Above is a link, which is connected to the Title of this blog entry to my original post on Matt with a fuzzy picture. Rest in Peace:)

Below information from in regards to Matt's passing.

Wife of musician killed in weekend crash speaks out
More Gilbert and Phoenix Local News
06:42 PM Mountain Standard Time on Monday, September 15, 2008

Wife of musician killed in wreck speaks out
GILBERT - He was an Arizona musician whom 3TV once featured but over the weekend Matt Bachrach died in a car crash on Interstate 10.’s Marissa Wingate talked to his family. His wife and two young sons live in Gilbert and his other son is due to be born in four weeks.

Brenda Bachrach says the hardest part of it all is knowing her unborn child will never know his father. Thirty-one-year-old Matt Bachrach was an accomplished pianist who traveled the country performing.

A song called “Along for the Ride” was one of his own and was featured on one of his countless cd's. Matt was also in the process of creating a movie.

Nevertheless, Matt Bachrach was killed Sunday morning as he was driving home from a business trip in California.

An 18 wheeler turned over on the 1-10 near Tonopah and Matt was unable to avoid crashing into it.

His wife says she sensed something was wrong. "He should have been home by now and so I tried to call his cell phone and it rang and rang and went to his voice mail and probably within 30 seconds of me hanging up from trying to call him a Highway Patrol man came to the door."

The officer told the mother of two sons with another son on the way that her husband was dead. Brenda is eight-months pregnant.

She says, "I think about our little boys 6, 3 and then the one not even born and I just think that's so much of a child's life to go without a father."

She is grateful they will always have his music. 3TV was told Matt did not have life insurance and he was self-employed so now his wife is struggling financially.

Donations can be made at any Chase location into account number 797 425 774. Donators must have the account number in order to donate. Linda Mora is the contact at Chase Bank. She can be reached at 480-782-8721. Also, donations can be sent directly to the family through Bunker Mortuaries.

January 26, 2009

First month of 2009

So January is almost at a close. I'm still working out at the Boxing Gym:) Enjoying every minute of it. Except the 200 plus sit-ups at the end.:) I official quit Best Buy and I must say that my weekends are quite different now. I go boxing on Saturday afternoons and just relax the rest of the day. Then of course there are Sundays where I just look at my ceiling and wonder what to do for the day.

Summer will be here in 5 months, hoping to get back into school so I can take a course.

Right now I'm on my bed, watching the Breakfast Club, trying to not think about the cramps that are showing NO mercy and wonder what to eat for lunch.

January 11, 2009

Farewell email to my Best Buy Bridgeton people

I just want to say it's been a blast working with you guys for the past 8 years and 7 months. I've been blessed to have been at Bridgeton for that whole time. I've made wonderful friends and have considered you an extended dysfunctional family (PROUDLY) from the one I am already biologically connected to. When I first started here I didn't know what I had in store for me. Yet through the years and changes I can say one of the best things I found was a best friend. As many of you know Danielle is one my best friends and I never thought I would find someone as cool and kick ass her to chill with. We've been best friends for over 7 years. Yet also through Danielle I was able to meet Patrina who is class act on her own:)

I've also been blessed to work with a team that has always worked with me whenever I've needed them in regarding to scheduling. Not many places would understand that people do have lives outside of their job and have to manage accordingly and for that I say thank you to the management team.

To my CA and SO team. Keep kickin butt:) Mama Traci, I am SO GONNA MISS YOU:) and that crazy son of yours. Pretty much to whole team I'm gonna miss you all and I love ya lots:) Yet don't worry I'll pop in and I'm pretty sure I'll screw up something that Geek Squad will need to fix:) (Hey Jessie and Rod:) and even those who have transferred to other stores (Bridgette and Keith) take care.

With this being my last day I wanted to make sure to send out my first and last store email to you all. Thanx to you all for being my friend. Take care and make sure to stay top dogs in the district:)


aka Msjazz

January 7, 2009

dont even know what to say....

Well I thing I will do a random post since I don't really have anything to focus on this post.

Well let last day at Best buy is this Saturday. I had boxing class today with my personal trainer and he made me do push ups......I hate push

My goddaughter received her xmas from me and she called to say thank you. She is so adorable.

Met a pretty nice guy at Best buy, he a policeman and we exchanged numbers. We've talked on the phone a few times. He knows right now I'm just looking to be friends. I need more male friends. lol

Oh well.

January 1, 2009

Video from KSDK on Danielle:)

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