July 5, 2006

had a kick ass 4th july

Well I hope you had a great 4th of July. Mine was pretty darn good;) On Sunday my mom and I prepared the meat that we were going to bar-bq on Monday night. 2 whole chickens, a hell of lot of chicken wings and drumsticks, some hotdogs, baby back ribs, pork steaks, and some beef tips. Well at least that is all that I could remember.

On Monday night I started bar-bq around 8pm. Since earlier I had hooked up with my girl Kamina to see THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Excellent movie, definitely one to check out for yourselves. So I get home and change my clothes. Put on some baggy Old Navy jogging pants and a husband beata to match. I had the coal already outside and since we were going to be firing up 2 grills I decided to start the small one first.

We start with the hotdogs and get them out of the way. Then we proceed to get the chicken on the small grill while we do the big red meat in the SMOKER;) Everything was ok but apparently this new charcoal we had was nothin to play with especially since it looked like it could have been used in the movie BACKDRAFT.

Every time my mom went to open the huge grill the fire would just rush out. I'm lookin at her like you MIGHT want to put the lid BACK DOWN!!!! Oh well so pretty much we just chilled out there from 8pm till a lil bit after 1am. Especially since were saw signs that a storm was comin and sure enough the thunder and the rain came right on down. Luckly we had a few more pieces of meat on the grill but we decided to just finish them on up in the oven.

I put the food away in the fridge and take my ass to bed.

Fastforward to 4th of July, I get my cellphone and text message my family and friends HAPPY 4th, and I get many responses back. Oh and now that I'm typing this I need to call my girl Tiffany back because I just remember that I missed her phonecall. DAMN!!!1

Okay so now I'm in the kitchen and just put in the red meat into the oven so it can heat up. My mom comes down stairs and apparently my mom tells me that my lil sis has called and wants spaghetti, well we start to make it along with cream corn, grean beans, and I think there was some other items as well. By the time the red meat is ready to come out the oven, I'm already prepped with the Roaster full of cooked chicken so it can go in the oven and be reheated as well. I get the red meat cut up and put it to the side.

Kamina gives me a call and comes over and get's some nail glue before going back to her sister's house. I already had called Danielle earlier in the day to let her know I would pick her later.

So then fastforward to 7pm when I finally have Danielle at my house and Kamina is also over as well. We are sippin Hypnotiq and Pineapple Juice. Not to mention some Barcardi Silver Strawberry Wine cooler. We are watchin Madea goes to Jail and then finish the evening with Madea's Family Reunion.

My sister and her friend enjoyed the food, I enjoy the food and company and my stomach was VERY happy. The end;)
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