June 12, 2006

Boy this JOBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today my job tried to put one over on me. When I got to work around 9am, I had a nice big ass stack of callbacks on my desk. With a nice lil note to have these done all today. Okay no sweat, because I refuse to let them see me trip about. So I get myself situated and log onto my cpu. I get my headphones out and start checking my mail. Why in the hell am I the ONLY person this week doing callbacks???? Now mind you there are 3 people in my particular pod. The normal rotatation is, 2 people do callbacks and 1 person does research. You wanna know what MY EMAIL said? It states that the other 2 will do research and I will have to do callbacks by myself for the rest of this week.

I logon onto the software we use for working the ref's, and I check out the number in my particular que. BULLSHIT, pretty much the same number any ole day that we would have. So I immediately think to myself, somebody or some people are to act funny with me. YES I KNOW WHO YOU ARE GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!! MENOPAUSE AND VIAGRA ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! Boy what I wouldn't give for some Napolm right about now. So I sat back in my seat and just dissected the situation. I could act to this situation in a couple of ways.

1. I could say fuck them and just jerk off the whole day.

2. I could do the work and not give a fuck

3. Or I could a combination. say fuck them, do the work and not give a fuck.

So I chose to go with option 3. I'll be damn if I'm gonna let some of these asses that I work with get me down. So after 2 hours of none stop callbacks. My special friend gives me a call and I welcome his distracting me from the work ahead. This is the same guy that I got pissed with in the last blog post. All the smoke from the previous evening was cleared up, so I'm just talking to him and he explained what happened. So everything is all good and hopefully we will be able to hook up this week. Not to mention I keep fucking with him throughout the day with lil text messages.

I talk to him for some time and then we end our conversation. By this time people are going to lunch and I welcome the solitude. I get back to grinding and by this time I'm already half way done with the work. Around 4:10pm I'm ready to call it quits, I've pretty much done all the callbacks except for 3 which WILL wait until tomorrow. My girl Kamina gives me a call about 15 minutes before I leave and we talk for a bit. I close up my area, clockout and get the hell out of that hole.

Also for those are applying for a position where I work at JOB #1 and know ME, word of caution you MIGHT not want to put me down as a referance. You probably stand a better chance of getting the job if you don't. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I decided to go to my Nail Salon and get a manicure and pedicure. The person that worked me over did their magic and you talkin about a chick that was knocked out sleepin in the massage chair as my feet were getting soaked. My toes are painted a pretty light purple color and I decided to do a clear polish on my fingernails. I've never been a friend of fake nails or TIPS as they are call. I like my own nails and when I grabbin something or ......someone, I like to make sure I have a good GRIP.

Well any ol ways I'm home now and I'm just chillin. I probably will go to the gym tonight and work out since I was suppose to go play racquetball and my partner called me and thought it would be best to schedule for tomorrow...BUT I don't think that will work either so I'm gonna call her and see if we could push it to Thursday or Friday. OKEY - DOKEY. I'll see ya later. TA-TA
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