September 16, 2006

sept. 16, for lack of a better title

Hope you are all enjoying your saturday morning. sorry I have been missing in action this past week. Just been a tad tired and had to take a break from blogging. Yep I know, you never thought you would hear that did ya? Well this past week has not been without it's events. I did offically mail off my letters of complaint to people within the ESI company and have yet to receive any type of acknowledgement. Yet I know they were received because I did send them certified. My family said give it a couple of weeks to receive a response back. But if I don't then I need to take it to the next level.

Today is my last offical day in the department I am presently in. I was promoted and transferred to a new department and will start there tomorrow. Kinda of nervous even though I had worked in the department before. Yet I just want to make sure I do a good job.

On another note I was SUPPOSE to get my hair done yesterday but my beautican was missing in action. Not too happy about that so I had to bump some curls into my hair this morning. I also had to pick up my bridesmaid dress from my seamstress and it was altered perfectly for Amy's wedding in 2 weeks. I was suppose to go to my play brother's birthday bash but unfortunately couldn't go because I was having a severe headache. I'm feeling better today, so hopefully it won't affect the plans I have today.

Also last night I was watching this show on the LOGO channel. It was called Noah's Ark. Must say this will definitely be a show that I will be staying intuned to in the future. Also my special friend has me interested in another show called WEEDS. I had heard about it but actually watched an episode yesterday and I must say it is pretty freakin funny.

Oh. well ya have a good day now ya hear? Ta-Ta
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