September 16, 2006

fed up

Well today I was looking forward to a wonderful day. I had made plans with a special friend last week to chill out today after I had to go to a family event. He suggested that we get together for an evening so we could relax and kick it. Keywords... HE SUGGESTED IT, I OBLIGED. So I made reservations for us yesterday to chillout for the evening at a nice hotel for the night. This past week I was getting myself ready primped and primed for today. I went to get a pedicure earlier this week and then yesterday I was suppose to have a hair appointment but you already know about that tragedy from my previous post.

So I get off of work, and I recieved a message from him stating that he would be there to check in by 3pm. So with an hour to spare I go and grab a quick bite to eat and then head over to the place where we have reservations. 3pm rolls around and I don't receive a call, 4pm rolls around and I STILL don't receive a call, by this time I'm so steamed that I get home around 4:30pm and I've called the hotel to cancel the reservations so i don't get charged on my debit card for the evening.

Do you know I STILL haven't heard from him and it's 11:15pm? By 5pm I was just so upset that I had already deleted his numbers from my cell phone. I get home and have to take some medicine for a massive headache that has just festered from this whole ordeal. I get home and take a nap. I get up around 6pm and head to the mall to try to get my mind off of things. By this time Mina has called me and we were both orginally gonna meet up at St. Louis Galleria but she calls me minutes later and she decides to get a pedicure. So I'm still on my way to the mall and all i can think about is how phuckin pissed off I am that I went thru all the damn trouble that I went thru to change my schedule around for today and what do I have to show for it not a god damn thing.

I guess what I'm pissed about is that I feel that I got screwed AGAIN. In a way it's damn shame because I honestly did think that these plans were gonna fall thru butg I just held on to some hope that maybe it wouldn't be like past episodes. I got up early to get my hair prepped and makeup done. I had gotten a bottle of wine along with some other things stashed away. I had the biggest grin on my face all day at work even though I wasn't feeling good. Yet what do I have to show for it, just another day of dissapointment. I am still a tad bit pissed about the whole thing.

All I have to say is that he is damn lucky I don't see him right now, because he would be knocked on his ass right about now. All he had to do was just call me and say I can't make it. My time is VALUABLE to me, if you can't respect that, then sure as hell don't waste it anymore. I am so sick and tired of being let down. If I need to be miserable I don't need a sidekick, I can be that way by my damn self.

Right now I'm at a point where I don't want to hear I'm sorry, because to me it's just gonna be bullshit and I HIGHLY ADIVISE not to bother me anytime soon for long ass time.

So back to my shitty evening, I leave the mall and end up going to The Loop because I just needed some time to just STILL chillout and wanted to go to Cicero's for dinner. Well The Loop on Saturdays I forget from time to time was jammed packed so I decided to go to Applebee's off of Clayton Rd., I get there and I wait to be seated for 10 minutes. I finally left there and go to the Applebee's off of Forest Park Road. I order some pasta and read a book and then finally leave around 10:15pm. I ALMOST get home when I get caught up in a damn POLICE check at Lucas and Hunt via Natural Bridge. They were doing their License and Registration crap. So that was another 15 minutes shaved off of my life and then I finally get home and turn on Saturday Night Live and I have nothing else to show for the this wasted day.
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