September 19, 2006

excercising a day, will eventually make the fat go away

Good morning, I trust you all are in good spirits. I am feeling better from my Saturday fiasco. I've decided I needed to put my energy and efforts into something more worthy and rewarding. i DIDN'T want to end up going back into a depressive state and start eating to compensate, so I've gotten back into my exercise habits. Just last night I went to 24 hour fitness at northwest plaza around 11:30pm and worked out for about and hour. It felt good working out on the treadmill and working with some weights. Yet it was really nice since there were barely any people there and I had my mp3 player to keep me company.

With me working full time at my backup gig, I won't have the time to play racquetball as much as I would like so I have to figure out a way to at least get in 1 or 2 days of it in per week. So I'm gonna have to call my raquetball partners Gail and Mr. Lynne and hopefully we can set something up.

Well today I work until 8pm, my dad woke me up to inform me that I needed to take him to the airport around 11am today. Yet he even woke me up earlier around5:30am to do some type of enrollement thingy bobba for him for Northwest Airlines. So right now it is 10:40am and I just got finished making up my exercise bag for tonight. Not sure if i'll go to the gym after work or late tonight since I don't have work tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to a seminar with a friend on real estate. She's making some serious money with it and she thought I might enjoy it. Not to mention if I do get involved eventually I can save up enough money and get back into school, move out on my own, and start to enjoy my life, and maybe even develop a love life with someone aka become romantically involved.

Kamina and I had a heart to heart discussion about my love life or point blank lack of a couple of days ago. She wants me to be happy and yet she worries about me because she doesn't want me to get caught up in the issues that I had in the past. I definitely understand where she is coming from and I dont' want to get caught up again. So right now I'm letting everything else take a back seat so i can get myself together. I dont need disappointments, distractions, or headaches.

I just need time to deal with me
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