September 22, 2006

sound check;)

Well today is Friday and I'm off for the day. Put in a serious shift yesterday worked from 9:15am and didn't get off till 6:30pm. So pretty much I am well recouped this morning. Right now I'm on my bed watching the FABOULOUS BAKER BOYS on cable.

On Wednesday i went to that seminar I talked about earlier. it was interesting and informative and it had me really interested in real estate. It started around 6pm and we got out around 8 something I think..... We picked up a friend of Mina's, also Danielle was with us as well and we went to Cicero's for dinner. Conversation was a bit tense but it was in good nature. I got back home that evening to help my mom curl her hair and then called it a night.

I'm not really sure what I have on the agenda today, except I know I have working tomorrow including a training. Also i have my sister's birthday party later on that evening. So I'mma have to get all dolled up and ready for the thang.;) Enjoy YOUR day;)

Also on a side note, this is just a word of advice. If you know that you have done something wrong to someone else. Don't wait on them to call you and ask you what happened. YOU should be calling the person to explain yourself and your actions. Of course the person that was wronged would have to assume that the person that wronged them would think it that important enough to contact them. If they have yet to hear from that person, well then the person that was wronged will definitely chalk it up to a lesson learned and makes sure that it will NEVER happen again.
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