September 20, 2007

For all you old heads that went to UMSL in 1999 and before

Hey I was so happy about the HOOTERS thang I forgot to tell you guys about something that I was reminded about for UMSL students that went to the University of Missouri regardless of campus during 1999 and before.

University of Missouri was sued a few years back and they lost a decision regarding tuition fees. To settle up they had to come to some kind of agreement. SUPPOSEDLY it states that if you went to any of the schools before the given time frame you were entitled to receive an EQUAL amount of credits towards future University Missouri classes. if you don't get what I'm saying here is an example, I have been in the System since 1997. Since I took 10 classes between 1997 to 1999, SUPPOSEDLY I am entitled to 10 classes free to take towards future classes at the University of Missouri campus of my choice.

This was how it was explained to me by my English Professor. Apparently they have not spread the word about this because they obviously don't want to be out of any money. Oh well phuck em. After class that day I went to the Financial Aid office and they gave me the number to someone who is connected to the situation. If you are interested and think you qualify, you can call CAROLYN ALLEN at 573-882-3611.

Be prepared to have your student number on hand. Word to the wise IF YOU WENT TO any campus at that time, PLEASE BE AWARE that the student numbers HAVE CHANGED at least up at UMSL. I found that out the hard way because I had my old student number memorized. So call the Registration Office to your campus to find out if that is the case at the OTHER schools.

I called Ms. Allen yesterday and received a message today, I do plan on calling her tomorrow and hopefully I will have a follow-up soon;).
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