September 25, 2007

hey there

What's up it's me. Well I'm in my Business Writing class waiting for it to start in 30 minutes. I had an Economics Test yesterday that I'm not feeling good about. I just don't understand the subject at all. Beyond that horrible evening, this morning wasn't any better. Sometimes I get the urge to shake some of the students at my job, but then when I meet their parents I don't want to shake them. I want to shake their PARENTS!!!!

Today I was sucked dry as usual and had to take my daily 50 minute nap. I just want the hectic pace in the office to just SLOW DOWN. Everytime I get done with one thing, something else pops up. I don't feel like I got anything done today. Sometimes I just want to go out on our football field and just sit in the grass so I won't be disturbed.

Well anyway today was payday from job #1 so can't complain much there. Just wish we would get them earlier like we used to by 12pm and not 1:30pm. Oh well I'm not complaining, it didn't bounce so that's all that mattered.

Oh and this past weekend was Di's birthday. It was on the 22nd and my family along with her friend met up at the Cheescake Factory to celebrate. We met up around 11am because I had work at 3pm at job #2, to close in the appliance department. So after lunch I bid everyone goodbye and went to my job around 2 hours early so I could study on my Economics test.

People cracked me up and asked why I was at the job and if I wanted to clock on early.............................................................let me think about that.................................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo. So I studied until 2:30 and changed clothes and clocked on at 3pm. It was relatively slow for the night besides one sale. I was done with my department as far as cleaning by 5:30pm and went over to media to help clean up over there since the closer for the area did a no call no show.

Afterwards I went Applebee's and had a late dinner. Took a book into read as I was eating and left around 9:30pm. Went home and just chilled out afterwards tried to study for the economics test but became sleepy shortly after. Oh well, I'll probably get the results of the test tomorrow. Not looking forward to them.
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