October 1, 2007

where the wind blows

Well hello there. Hope all is well with you. Today is Monday. Had work this past weekend at job #2. Which was somewhat okay but better than the Friday that I had at job #1. Deadlines...Deadlines....Deadlines..... What can I say, my life is full of never-ending deadlines.

Yesterday after work Danielle and I grabbed some food at Applebee's and just chilled out. Mina was out of town with her family, Kai is doing well, and Amy of course is busy being a new mom;)

Another close high school buddy of mine, Laura had sent me a message via Myspace informing me that she had to have an emergency C-Section because there were some difficulties with her newborn. There were complications but luckly mother and baby are doing great. Baby is still at the hospital last time I talked to her and they are expecting her home very soon.

Of course I am still in school trying to hang in there. One class I'm doing great, the other I'm doing my personal version of the TITANIC. Sinking...Sinking...Sinking.
Sometimes I wonder how am I even surviving with the schedule I have. I work 7 days a week and have to go to school for 4 days. The only day I get a day off is if it happens to be a holiday, or I just say phuck it I'm taking a day off.

Lord knows my personal life is just virtually gone. The only time I feel as though I'm doing anything fun is if I have the time to get to the mall. That might be on a whim after I've studied.

Yet the really sad thing is when I say I have no time to do anything I literally mean to get to anything or further more get anything done to me. Yet that particualr part has been the case for quite some time. ha-ha-ha

Talked with Kai last night while I was on the porch and just enjoying the breeze of the night, the moon was a tad bit foggy but full. We talked for about 30 minutes. Went inside changed clothes. I don't know what the deal is when it comes to me and PJ's for some reason I just can't stand them. LOL but anyway I dozed off watching cartoon network's Robot Chicken and woke up to Ed, Eddie, and whatever the last part of the that show is called.

Was real tempted to call off of work but I decided to reserve that for a day when I REALLY need it, like maybe....tomorrow. Who knows.;)
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