October 1, 2007

UPDATE TO POST: For all you old heads that went to UMSL in 1999 and before POSTED ON 092007

Hey guys sorry for late update on this particular post. I called Carolyn Allen again today and left a message. She returned my phone call 10 minutes later and we spoke for 10 minutes. She told me that what I heard wasn't exactly right.

It's a scholarship that you have for the next 24 years, for around $500. The scholarship is available to be used once out of a school year. Which means you can choose to use it for the Fall, Summer, OR Spring session of a academic school year. NOT ALL THREE IN THE SAME YEAR. The application to fill out online will be active to complete on October 19th, 2007.

Pretty much in a hand basket you have to go to a website:

Here are the basics for if you qualify:

Qualifying Student must meet the following requirements; view the full Tuition Settlement Agreement here

The qualifying student attended one of four (4) University of Missouri campuses (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, St. Louis) during the period from Winter Semester 1995 through Fall Semester 2001 inclusive; and

The qualifying student was a Missouri Resident Undergraduate student at the time of attendance; and

The qualifying student was at least 16 years of age, but under age 22 on the first day of class in at least one semester during this time period

Again you want to call Carolyn Allen at 573-882-3611
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