October 4, 2007

When you have reached the limit

I'm offically going to take a day off from work tomorrow. I just need it and yes it's just that bad. Today was something out of the wood works. Even I didn't think I could ever sink as low as I did today. By the time I went home, I was so far gone I didn't even say bye to people. i just packed up my shit and went home. Yet before going there I went to Lee's chicken to pick up some lunch. I get home and they shorted my order so I packed the food back up and get in my car and just burst into tears. I calm myself down and get back to Lee's so they can fix my order and then I go back home to eat it and try to calm down.

I don't make it to class on time, my favorite class, did the homework that was due and emailed my classmates with it and I get there about 40 minutes late. funny thing is that he is letting people leave EARLY so luckly my group is still there and I'm able to put input on our assignments.

I leave and I'm about to walk to my car when I realized that i promise to print up a list for a fellow co-worker at the library (which is where I am right now). Just got done with that but I'm wondering how I'm going to get it there to her. Probably will get to the job early so I can just drop it off to her.

My brain is just so fried with shit it's crazy. Sometimes I feel that when my plate is full of crap I just want to drop it on the ground and watch everything just shatter. Been one of the weeks.
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