October 27, 2007

guess where I went to yesterday...the E.R.

Well I had work yesterday at job 1. It was a half day for the students and a professional development day for the staff. I had some pain in my right ear beginning around 10am and it steadly became worse by 1pm. I couldn't take it anymore and decided I need to see my doctor. Now get this....I call my dr. earlier around 11:15am and found out that he had RETIRED!!! So the new dr. was there and guess what he was BOOKED UP for the day.

So the nurse suggests that i go to a hospital with an Urgent Care Facility. Not the same as an E.R. So I call St. Mary's Hospital and they say that they don't have an Urgent Care facility but Barnes Hospital does. So Im like DAMN I know it's about to be hood-city around this time and packed. So I inform my prinicpal, my cousin who works at the school with me, and call my sis to let her know what's going on too.

I drive myself there and park in the E.R. I get myself registered in the system and take a seat. About 45 min. later I see a nurse who takes my blood pressure 150/90 and I explain to her my symptoms. She states she'll put me on the urgent care list and that I will be seen quicker than some of the other patients because of what's going on with me.

Sure enough I speak to another individual and give him my insurance and then within a hour I'm taken to the back for treatment. Now this is where it gets funny to me. People who have been there before are becoming aggrivated and are cursing because they mad. Now they really are mad because they see my ass is about to get serviced quicker than them. I didn't say anything but just giggled to myself.

So now Im finally in the back and I have a room to myself and a dr gets to me about 40 minutes later. Inform's me that I have an ear infection that probably was from my cold earlier this week. She said it was really red and irriated. So she gives me some drug prescriptions and states I shouldn't go to work today. So I called my supervisor, Tracey while I was still there to let her know i wouldn't be at job 2.

They give me my stuff and I call my mom to let her know that I'm on my way home.As I walk out of the private area back into the waiting area, someone makes the comment, "I can't believe this shit, she got in and out within 4 hours that's fucked up." So I stopped turn to the lady and say "Next time come in and have job that pays insurance" and I walked my ass out to elevator with smile on my face and took it down to the parking lot to my car.

Went to Walgreens took an hour for my prescription to be filled. Did some shopping while there and then went home got drugged up and went to sleep. Oh and did I mention it was my parent's anniversary also. Gotta love the timing;)
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