November 6, 2007

hey yall

What it do? Hope you are doing okay. I'm cool. School Since the last time we've talked I upgraded my phone to a Sidekick LX. It's alright but I do have a few gripes and complaints. Holiday season is upon us already and at job #2 unfortunately that means our holiday hours are also in effect as well.

Parents will be out of town twice this month. So I'm wondering what to do about Thanxgiving. I know I can always go over my Aunt's house but with Black Friday the next day at job # 2, I know I will be putting in some serious time and I just might chill at home and relax.

Now some of you might be wondering what in the hell is Black Friday. This is the day AFTER Thanxgiving when all hell breaks loose at the retail stores and possibly even the websites. This is the day you will see people camping out 2 days before possibly just to see if they can get their hands on coupons that will be in limited quantities on certain items which can be laptops, desktops, plasma tv's, surround sound systems, just all TYPES of stuff.

for those wanting to check it on their mobile phones, assuming you have some type of internet on your phones, check it out at Ok well enough with the plugging;)

Well as far as the rest of my life goes, I went over my sis's apartment and met her dog Cassie for the first time, he is a Puggle. Which is part Pug and Buggle. He is very cute but unfortunately very hyper. He definitely needs to be put in training. Yet overall he is such a cutie.

I hope you all are well and are enjoying yourselves and this cold ass weather. Ta-Ta
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