February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 aka National Self-Awareness Day

So today is Valentine's Day and again this year I don't officially have one. Well that's nothing new. Yet I still did my same morning routine by turning on my Spotify music player app and starting my day off with a bit of Boney James.

I did decide to be a tad bit in the Valentine's day mode and put on some pink earrings so the whole day wouldn't be a total lost for me.

So after getting my work clothes on I dashed to Schnucks to pick up a quick breakfast and then make my way to work. Shortly after settling in, a student came through and gave me a rose. Another student gave me some Laffy Taffy and a coworker gave me a Chocolate Marshmallow heart.


So as my day has gone on I have periodically picked up the rose and examined it. It smells wonderful and it only had a few thorns which I have since pulled off. It also had me reminisce about the one time I have ever received roses which was back in high school. Which then started a down spiral of me just reflecting about myself in the past years. Needless to say I put the rose off to the side and have since just been trying to concentrate on the rest of my day. Sometimes I honestly feel that I need to move and just get a fresh start somewhere else. I wish I lived on an island and could just sit in the sand all day and play with the sand in between my toes. Yet then reality comes back to me because I feel the sheep wool from inside my UGG shoes. Shoes I put on because I can't stand this crazy ass cold weather from Saint Louis

I KNOW some guys are thinking this....

I guess another reason I don't get overly excited about Valentine's day is that my birthday is three days later. Lord knows it only seems to compound itself. Another V-day by myself in addition to being another year older. Yeah....ugh.. I think for us single folk it should not be called Valentine's Day, instead it should be known as National Self-Awareness Day to cushion the blow. Yet I laugh at that because I'm so used to being by myself on a regular basis and doing things by myself such as going out for dinner and/or catching a movie it honestly doesn't phase me anymore. I guess it just brings it more to the surface with Valentine's Day.

While others are imagining doing this...

So then I wonder what will I do when I get off of work. More than likely go home and chill out until this evening. A friend of mine, +Genevieve Podleski invited me out to a belly dancing class. I've always been fascinated by this amazing and sensual art. Not to mention it will be cool to just hang out and not think about another Valentine's Day by myself. Belly dancing is something AMAZING! Simply mind boggling to see these women (and even some men) move their bodies. Not to mention the workout it gives your core. One of my favorite belly dancers is Sadie. Quite frankly she is probably the best I have EVER seen.



So beyond all that I honestly hope that everyone out there enjoys this Valentine's Day. Whether you are by yourself or celebrating with your significant other.   
Hopefully you show yourself and/or are shown just as much affection 
throughout the year with the other 364 days.

Keeping with Valentine's Day showing my red

and this is the reason why my tongue is red.

Until the next episode....

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