February 8, 2013

STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge: Week 3

Well this past Monday I officially started my 2 week study for my friend +Trenton Knew . He asked me to keep a food diary of everything that I eat for the next two weeks and cut cardio out. Yet I am still allowed to do Yoga, Pilates, and Strength Training. In the past I used websites such as Sparkpeople and Fitday to track my eating. But it became such a pain in the ass when it asks you for the sizes/portion amount of what I was eating. So I thought what better way than to just take a damn picture of my food if I found it to be too daunting than to whip out a food scale out my purse (pure sarcasm injected here) .

So I started a food diary blog, technically I started it back in 2010, but didn't keep with it. So I though this would be a great way to start it over again and I gave it a new feel so its more simplified. It's not as detailed as this one. It's straight laced and to the point. It even has a boring grey back ground. lol I also changed the blog address to make it easier for me to remember and thankfully I also found an app online so I can post as well from it when I'm out. I also post pics of my food especially the ones when I am out at a restaurant and just want to take a pic to post in my diary to help me remember what I ate.

It's been working well so far. Yesterday I went to Curves to do my weekly weigh in and I lost an additional 2. 6 pounds. So I must be doing something right. Yet I still don't think I'm eating my required calories but I have not gotten dizzy so I guess that is good. In all honestly I think I probably have slashed them in half. Not to mention it is driving me NUTS/INSANE to not do any cardio!!!! I enjoy my daily walks and to have to cut them out for my friend's research can be a bit of a trial. But hey if this will help him with any further research he is doing regarding weight loss, I'm all for it.

Funny thing is that the last day of this two week research will end on my BIRTHDAY! So....we shall see how THAT goes...

Coming up REAL soon..;)


Until the next episode....

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