December 30, 2005

Random Drug Testing and NEW YEARS EVE

Random Drug Testing and New Year’s Eve

What’s up my people’s…….Ya girl is currently at work. Taking a “me” break from all the crap around me called THE WORKPLACE. As you probably recall, I told you back on Dec. 16, two of my good co-workers were fired for bullshit reasons. Well I have been feeling as though some of the other co-workers eyes are REALLY on me now. So guess what happens to me…..oh about 9am this morning. Our FRIENDLY, WAY TOO CHEERFUL, I have an IV in my arm for my 24/7 COFFEE FIX, human resource person comes by with some papers to give me. I swore I was about to get fired on the spot, so I’m looking at her like she has a horn sticking out of her forehead.

She proceeds to explain that I’ve won a contest, yet I still hadn’t caught on, so with my fake smile plastered on my face I proceed to listen. It then registers in my head that I have to take a RANDOM DRUG TEST!!!! Tell them what they’ve won JOHNNY!! You have won a trip in your own car to drive (as if GAS isn’t already expensive) to one of these 5 locations still on company time to take a leak in a CUP!!!! As this is all processing in my head, I’m still looking at the human resource lady like what the fuck???

So needless to say around 10:50am, I decide to make the trek over to the one I originally went to when I was getting hired for the job. I don’t know if it’s me or what but to me it looks like they have added a lot more red tape to the bathroom. I wish I could have had my camera phone to take a pic, but alas, my phone was outside the door with my jacket.  Now with me being the ever so attentive employee, the lady hands me the cup to do my business in. I just started giggling to myself; I wonder if I could fill the whole damn thing up? Now mind you, this wasn’t your ordinary specimen cup, nope to me they look like they got a hell of a lot larger. Yet I wouldn’t let an obstacle like size stop me, so ya girl delivered the goods. Needless to say when I handed it over to the nurse she looked at me and we both started bugging up. She shook her head and was like whoa, she has yet to meet a guy do THAT well. So I filled out the remaining info and now I’m back at my desk.

So we will see if any weed, or anything else that can show up in a urine drug test comes up, I’m pretty sure the workplace is crossing their fingers.

On another note, just want to wish you all a Happy New Year’s EVE/DAY since I probably won’t be near a cpu after tomorrow until Tuesday. Ya girl plan’s on having a room at a hotel with some other friends. Go out and kick it, live it up, and just have some plain damn good fun. Remember don’t shoot up in the air, the bullet might come down and bite ya in the ass if not the top of your head. I also have my outfit together. So if ya see a sister with a camisole top on with an off the shoulder red sweater, with some cute jeans on with brass studs on the back pockets….not sure what I’m gonna wear for shoes though. Hair will be down in soft curls, probably will rock some color contacts…just have to choose from the eight colors I have…..or I might choose one of my 6 pairs of glasses. Come holla at lady. HUGSSS AND KISSSESS XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
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