January 1, 2006

I wish I could say I had a great Happy New Year's but I'd be lying

Greetings to you all in the Year of our Lord....blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I wish I could say that I had a great Happy New Year's but I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO be lying. Let me say as to start off yesterday. We had to check into our hotel by 3pm. I picked Danielle up around 2:45 ish, and we proceed to our destination, Homestead Suites Hotel. Now we had 2 rooms reserved under her name, a friend of ours also wanted a room there as well. I kept telling Danielle to make sure that JBass gives you all of his money so it doesn't intefer with ours. Do you know when I picked her up she stated that JBass hadn't give her all the money yet. So I'm like okay..........what the fuck?

We get to the hotel, I'm under the impression that I'm just only worrying about MY HALF and that was it. First off I knew there was an issue because when we go to check in. Danielle talks to the guy and he lets her know that the rooms have to be paid UPFRONT!!!!! Originally Danielle told me that my card wouldn't be charged and that the card would NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL CHECKOUT!!!!!! So you can just imagine my face when the concierge dude tells me otherwise. Do you know she was like how much do I have on my card? I told her I was only going to put on there $70 bucks because I only had $50 to work with on the weekend. Do you know she had the nerve to ask me to charge $120 on my card???? I just looked at her like I wish I could have struck her dead. Needless to say I charged the amount and walked out the room because I was that upset.

She knew she fucked up when she saw the look on my face and I was just SOOOOOOO pissed with her and JBASS I didn't speak to her for damn near the majority of day. We got in my car drove around to the nearest door to our rooms and we dropped our stuff off. Yet what baffled me the most was her logic on the situation. If she had spent all of her money then she would be broke............SO WHAT THE FUCK, no big deal if I was?? Let me tell you something....I had such a massive headache I was so mad I was out of my Naproxen 550mg meds. I could have killed someone.

Thank GOD, I happen to find some money in my purse because I had to go to Marshalls to get some trouser socks for my boots. We then go by my house so I can get a bottle of wine and my coat. Now this whole period I'm silent because I'm gripping the wheel of my car so damn tight I thought my hands were going to cramp up. We then stop by Best Buy and I chilled out in video games. JBASS was there and Danielle gave him his door keys and he comes up to me. I was nice and respectful but that was IT. She then tells me she is hungry so we stop by McDonalds. On our way leaving, she gives me $40 back. It's fine but I'm still pissed overall. We go to Shop and Save and I end up getting a Bake Chicken and some Pineapple Juice. We finally make it back to the hotel and things are getting better as far as my adittude.

We chillout and eat relax for a minute. Kamina had been calling us throughout the day to see if we wanted to go to this club called DREAMS. Problem was that the fee to get in was $50. We told her we would pass on it, (looking back I wish I had gone since she was able to get in for $25). I start to get in the shower when Danielle answers her cell phone and tells me that Keith needs to be picked up from Metrolink. I'm looking like what the hell u tellin me for, have Larry (another friend of ours) go pick him up or have JBASS do it. I wasnt thinkin about anyone else and I was damned if I was going to be rushed to get anyone else. He called at least another 4 or 5 times. NEEDLESS TO SAY WHEN IT ALL CAME DOWN TO IT, I ENDED UP PICKIN HIM UP.

Again my pissed off attitude came BACK in full force and Danielle is just begging me to be nice. I went off and told her that I was sick and tired of being everyone's god damn taxi cab. If motherfuckas don't have a way out to a place then they don't need to be making the journey. He gets the car and he starts to clown and questions why it took so long. The whole time Danielle is just elbowing me and looking at me just begging me not to say anything. I don't.....for now.

We get back to the hotel room and I'm expecting Danielle to get in contact with Todd because she had been telling me that we would meet up with them and since she was a bartender she would hook us up with some drinks. So NEEDLESS TO SAY ON THAT TIP AS WELL, we never heard anything. Now mind you, I have been couped up in the damn hotel room for a while. I decided I wanted to go down to FIRST NIGHT off of Grand Ave., with the free celebration that the city throws to ring in the new year. Of course since we didn't get there till 11:30pm and then Danielle wants to make a detour which is out the way back to her home so she can you the damn toilet. We finally find a parking spot but only ended up staying for 20 minutes. It was too damn cold and pretty much all the festivites were over with. I was ticked with that and then we go back to the hotel.

We get back to the hotel and everyone had migrated to JBASS room on the 3rd level. I went up there a few times, but eventually I was just so upset I decided to stay in my room. I was so bored I took a self pic in the mirror. Also our room was none smoking and our floor was also more QUIET. Larry eventually made it to the hotel also and joined them up top.

Later on they make it back downstairs to our room. Eventually Danielle, Keith, and Larry leave. After around 10 minutes, I decided to leave for a while just to get some fresh air and clear my head. I was just so dissapointed with the whole day and evening. i felt that I wasted my time getting dressed up. It was all for nothing I could have stayed in some jogging pants and a husband beater. Eventually I went to Steak and Shake and got something to eat. Kamina gives me a call and I let her know I'll be back within 10 minutes. I get back and Danielle, JBASS and Kamina are all in the room. I chill out and eat my food.

The evening comes to close Kamina and JBASS say there goodnights and I take my ass to bed. All I have to say is that, IF ANYONE KNOWS OF ANYTHING JUMPING OFF FOR NEXT YEAR HOLLA AT A SISTA. I told Kamina that I will be kicking it REGARDLESS next year, fuck the entrance fee. So again I hope your Next Year's was better than mine. Lord knows mines wasn't.

note: I did take some pics and uploaded them so you can see them thru my Flickr website off to the right. So enjoy.
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