January 2, 2006

Update to Fiasco New Years Eve

Just wanted to say thank you all for ya kind words on my situation this past December 31, 2005. I did talk with Danielle and let her know how I felt, She apologized and we are cool on the situation. She also explained to me that because of JBass not coming thru with all his funds it screwed up her plans and surprise that she had for me....a stripper. So you know I'm like HELL NAW, now I know he and I are gonna have to have a POWWOW session. I haven't been able to get my claws on JBass, but when i do he and I will have a VERY clear understanding for the future.

From now on, if you wanna kick it, you will have 100% of the FUNDS needed for your room UPFRONT, not 50%, not 70%, or 99.5%. ALL OF IT, if you do not..........then you don't need a room, simple as that.

I guess what really ticks me off more than anything is that he is suppose to be a real cool friend of ours and point blank u don't fuck your friends over like that. So Imma let him know that and hopefully he will take what I have to say to heart SERIOUSLY. To all of ya, enjoy evening and PEACE OUT')
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