January 30, 2006

Made it a Dave and Buster's Night

Made it a Dave and Buster’s Night

Good morning to all hope the day finds you well and energized. Neither one of those are myself. Lol Yesterday I woke up early to take Danielle to work for a meeting. I then went home and chilled out until it was my time join her which WAS 4pm but I didn’t get there till 4:20pm. The day was PRETTY MUCH dead. Which is a tad bit unusual since Sunday’s is when new ads start. Well our department didn’t make revenue, but we were the FIRST department to be cleaned and straightened. YEAH!!!

Danielle had made plans to treat the whole Appliance department since we made revenue for the month. THE ONLY DEPARTMENT in the store to do so. So I am all set to go to Dave and Buster’s because I’m ready to pull out a can of whoop ass on the basketball game. Well there was a delay in departure from the job because we were waiting for the Manager on Duty’s ride to show up. Well that was just some MORE drama that I unfortunately cannot go into (but you know I would if I could).

Fast-forward………we are finally enroute to Dave and Buster’s. We already had calls from Dan and Joe. They were there waiting on us. Danielle called Patrina, unfortunately she wasn’t coming since she just got out of church. We get in the parking lot which PACKED. To me this was a bit unusual because it was a Sunday, and then when we went in there were so many kids and people in GENERAL. We see Joe and Dan waiting in the lobby. We go to the gaming center and take a booth so we can get our grub on.

We also see our other coworker and friend JBass and his cousin, who decided to join us out there also. He didn’t eat but just played some games. Well while we are talking about what we are going to eat. Danielle comments that our waiter is just a tad bit STUPID. Lol After our orders were put in he didn’t really come to check on us that much. He filled up my pink lemonade which I was GRATEFUL for, but he pissed off Danielle, who was treating the rest of us, so he screwed himself over if he thought he was getting a tip.

Well we finally get done eating and I go to use the restroom. I meet the group over by the basketball hoops, and we all are standing around and waiting for some to be available. I stand over by Danielle and she told me that she gave the waiter a $100 bill and he asked her if she needed change. Lol She told him yes and when he brought back the change, she only gave him 3 CENTS……3 PENNIES…..I just busted out laughing. I told her that was 3 pennies too much. She has never given tips unless we go out, I’ve told her that wasn’t nice, but unless the waiter wasn’t on his p’s and q’s, such as the guy we had last night, and then they don’t get shit. She has gotten better, and has started to leave tips when we go out since I would hassle her so bad about it. Lol

Ok back to the basketball challenge. At first I was playing Ok but then my game got worse, I was going up against Danielle, and some of our other coworkers. After a while my losing streak was REALLY kicking in. So I got a tad bit frustrated and decided to go to another basket. Well by that time, everyone was on a basket except for 1, Dan. So when I changed basket’s I told myself aint NO way I’m leavin here and not win at least 1 game. So then I finally was up against Danielle, Jonathan, Joe, and JBass. It was pretty intense but I came thru with a game high of 60 to take first place. Boy and did that feel GOOD!!!!

Well I decided to “retire” from the game and then we went to the OTHER basketball game which is harder. The guys were playing that and all I have to say is that Joe has some HOPS. He handed JBass his ASS that night. Lol Especially when JBass was talking hell shit. Hahaha Yet it was all in good fun. Then we go over and decide to play the go-cart game. Dan decided to talk some shit against me. At first I wasn’t going to play but then felt it was my duty to put him in his place. So again it’s all 4 of us playing and I was 3rd place for a while. I finally edged up and passed for 2nd and right at the LAST minute I took 1st place. Boy you are talking about some mad faces hahaha!!!! Well I decided to let them lick their wounds but no………………..they wanted ANOTHER ass whooping so being the lady that I am I complied and took the second race as well.

Afterwards we went our separate ways and I played some more games until it was time to go. I took Danielle back home and I stayed over till 1am as we were trying to do our taxes and turn them in by Feb. 2. We still working on them. Lol But hey, overall it was a damn good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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